Roman Yarmolenko, known as The Organism, is a Ukrainian artist/producer with a multi-genre background, always unpredictable but with his signature style that combines the best hypnotic bass vibrations, exciting shamanic vocals and mystical ethnic sounds. We spoke to him recently to talk about what’s helped him get through the past year, his new label Organic Tunes, and what the scene in Ukraine is like right now…

What has been the highlight of your year so far?

I always try to be happy. Most of all I like immersing into the process, spending time in the studio and on the stage. The most memorable time was in Bali. There’s some special vibe there.

How did you survive the last year, what did you do to get yourself through lockdowns and stuff?

At that time I was touring around Asia and I was happy to get stuck in a paradise Thai island called Koh Phangan. I had an amazing and productive almost seven months there. I met incredible people there who consequently became a part of our Organic Tunes family.

And what are you most excited about this summer as DJ gigs return and clubs open?

Honestly, it just basically makes me happy. I will be able to see celebration and joyful dancing people around the world again.

Why did you decide on your artist name? What is your favourite organism?

Well..firstly I’m an organism :). Secondly, we’re all a single organism… When the humankind realize that, we will advance in evolution and give love towards all living beings. Harmony will come.

What is the scene in Ukraine like? What sounds are popular, what clubs lead the way?

Lately, the Ukrainian stage has been a delight. Culture is developing, new artists are emerging, promo groups are working in different directions. There is a serious talent pool in Ukraine and they seriously know their music.

How much does your homeland inspire you – the weather, the culture, the people?

That’s a great question! I was raised in a family with Ukrainian traditions and values which were instilled by my grandmother without realizing that it would have an impact on children in the future. Her friends and she always wore traditional ethnic clothes, sang songs and played Ukrainian folk motifs in the forest by the fire. That looked mysterious. Sometimes, when I am alone with nature, I can hear an orchestra wafting from the depth of somewhere.

What inspired your new EP on your label Organic Tunes?

Seeing happy and delightful people is the major motivation and inspiration for me – as soon as I put the finishing touches to “Radha”, I knew it would have this effect on people.

Where do you start on your tunes, always the same place? Do you just experiment or can you always hear them in your head?

It depends. That happens in different ways. Sometimes, I come up with ideas during the process, sometimes I keep them in my mind, at times it occurs during the production. Everything always depends on a moment for me.

Is it weird writing music without DJ gigs and crowd feedback?

I suppose it’s definitely weird and hard, but thank God I’ve always received at least some feedback and have had private parties when they have been government allowed at the different stages of the last year so that has helped also.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Nowadays, I’m working intensively on video production. And we’re preparing show cases from the label as well, as well as lots of exciting new productions coming soon.

The Organism’s “Radha” EP is out now on his Organic Tunes
Grab it here