Knowing when to drop a hit and when to take it deep, spacey and underground has seen Johannes Albert graduate from hometown clubs to a staple of the German scene.

His ability to connect with crowds and heroes alike means he is a industry favorite, with many of its heavyweights having his back, like Move D, who followed his label Frank Music since its 2011 inception. Started primarily as a platform for Albert’s own productions and is home to much of his best work, the label has also featured the likes of Fred P, Moomin, Smallpeople and Lauer.

“Now, Johannes Albert and Frank Music dive into synth territory with his ‘Minilogue’ track which you will find on his “Generators EP” release. With the release out early March. Johannes Albert provides 10 of his favorite dreamy, synth driven tracks. What are some of yours?’

Madonna – Everybody – 1982

My favorite Madonna song, jep. And her first single as well. Fred Zarr played the Oberheim OB-X keyboard and controlled the Oberheim DMX drum machine. Those synths were brand new at the time. When it comes to that supreme drum machine… what unites Phil Collins, New Order, Herbie Hancock, Run DMC, ZZ Top and countless others? Exactly. Not the hair.

Smallpeople – Black Ice – 2011

It’s all about the bass. I know for a fact the guys have a Yamaha DX7, so I assume it’s from the Yamaha DX7 which is supposed to be „best selling synth of the last millenium“. At least it’s one of the most famous ones using the FM synthesis. Try to programme one, it’s a real pain in the arse.

D-Train – Walk On By – 1982

What a tune. Keys in full effect through the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5. I wish I could afford one! Love that video (check the last minutes) since you see Hubert Eaves going crazy on that synth in Utrecht in 1983. Crowd is a bit lame though.

K. Alexi Shelby – Vertigo – 1989

This cut from the second summer of love is all about the Roland TB-303 machine. Acieeed. Still a banger to this very day. Recently got repressed via Transmat. Get your copy. Fun fact: my new record will be a black label only. Just flavoured with a classic yellow ‚acid smiley’ sticker on top. Yes I wanna make you smile in the record shop (and on the dancefloor obviously). Love this iconic, positive symbol.

Glenn Underground – Moog Vibrations – 2010

GU grooves on one of his trademark tracks… riding an infamous Moog bass. Vibes. Sun, I hear you calling in these dark and cold winter time.

Robert Hood – SH-101 – 1994

On his seminal album „Minimal Nation“ Rob squashes out weird synth lines out of his Roland SH-101 synth. What an album. Essential, kids. Listen, learn & love.

Black Box – Ride On Time – 1989

Black Box using another Loleatta sample and thee classic Korg M1 Piano. Yeah it’s also the one which helped to create „Gypsy Woman“ and „Show Me Love“. Reminds me of a time when big radio hits were not too far away from the music we were dancing to in clubs.

Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song – 1991

Though we’ll never find out which synths were used for sure… a true classic by Frankie. Strings and chord probably made by a Juno Alpha or 106 or something… the flute could be a real flute or… more likely out of an Ensoniq ESQ-1. I kinda miss flutes in house music.

Boof aka Maurice Fulton – Now She’s Jumping – 2011

Maurice using a little orchestra of Korg synthesizers like the Korg Poly 800. Now I am jumping. Gently.

Yaz – Don’t Go – 1982

Yeah you recognize the melody immediately. As Todd Terje used to say: “It’s the Arps”. The big synth is called ARP 2600 and it was manufactured in the 70s. Big machine.

“Generators” is 7 March on Frank Music

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