Celebrated as one of Tel Aviv’s most captivating talents, Komashov has been rapidly rising the international ranks of electronic music over the last few years. Following the success of his inaugural EP for Stateside imprint Hurry Up Slowly with ‘Wama’ earlier in March, the burgeoning artist now returns to Monaberryw ith his enchanting two-track offering ‘Mi Amor’.

Following in the footsteps of his previous Monaberry release–his three-track ‘Carpe Diem’ EP alongside Arodes in 2023–this new extended player showcases Komashov’s signature fusion oforganic and world music influences, seamlessly intertwining hypnotic percussion with lushsynthscapes to craft an enchanting sonic tapestry. The title track, ‘Mi Amor’, serves as a vibrantanthem that’s fleshed with ethnic sensibilities; traits that have become synonymous with Komashov’s ever-popular output. Playfully weaving between vocal chops, crisp synth-work and tribal percussion, the production is bolstered by a deep, subby bass line that keeps the record galvanised between breaks.

Its b-side, ‘Feel It’, is more tempoed in nature, inviting listeners on a spiritual journey throughKomashov’s use of ethereal vocals and organic rhythms. Built upon an arpeggiated bass line and accompanied by rave-inspired synth patterns, this track emerges as a groove-inducing piece of house music that compels listeners to move.

A burgeoning force on the organic and melodic house circuits, Komashov’s sound boldly defies genre norms, taking influence from a multitude of musical cultures to elicit his own unique brandof uplifting electronic music. Expanding upon his nascent discography, his latest EP ‘Mi Amor’ is yet another spellbinding offering that cements him in his path towards the upper echelons of the industry.

Transitioning effortlessly from the studio to the DJ booth,Komashov has also graced the stagealongside some of dance music’s biggest heavyweights, including Marco Carola, Guy Gerber,Blond:ish, Damian Lazarus and Jan Blomqvist, among others. With an arsenal of new music setto drop in the coming months, he is rapidly emerging as one of the most exciting talents on themelodic house scene, across Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

Komashov-Mi Amor EP is out now via Monaberry.