Night Vision Music, a collective of artists originally based out of Edmonton, Canada is celebrating their 5 year anniversary this month with a brand new release “Night Vision – 5 Years”, featuring 5 brand new tracks by their in-house artists.

Looking back on their history, here are 10 tracks from the label that really shaped their sound into what it is today:

Adam Johan – Let’s Pretend (Nick Garcia Remix)

The original and this remix was one of the first releases on Night Vision. Washington DC’s Nick Garcia took Adam Johan’s track in a great new direction! The breakdown takes you on a trippy journey into the future and spits you out onto dancefloor with a hard hitting groove complimented by a thick bassline. This one was always a crowd favourite.

Neighbour – Hand Up On My Hip

Vancouver’s Neighbour had been rinsing this tune at festivals all over the West Coast before Night Vision Music signed it, and it always got the party going strong. Very creative sample work here gets the groove going steady but always changing up ever so slightly to stay interesting.

Adam Johan & Trevor Oslo – Dasme

This was actually the first track that Adam John and Trevor Oslo made together, and it all came together in one night. The night they decided to pool all of their funds together to buy an ever so cherished Prophet-6. This simple-yet-effective warehouse rumbler is driven by a mean bassline and clever sample work..

Luca & Dailey – Forget It Girl

Forget It Girl is a quirky track that works in a huge variety of settings. Highlighted by contagious squelchy acid riff, the clever mix of live drums and jazzy chords bring everything together into a perfect package.

Howl Sound – Tipping Point

Tipping Point has got to be the most epic, bombastic track released by the label so far. Created by Vancover’s Howl Sound, its droning basslines and euphoric melodies sucked us in. It was featured during late night sets throughout the summer we released it, and we think it’s still a perfect late night track.

Adam Johan – Theftin’

Adam Johan’s energetic belter Theftin’ is the perfect combination of soulful vocals, synth stabs, drum fills, and chugging bass to get you going. This demands the attention of the crowd, and spices up any dancefloor.

Nick Garcia – Fenix

Nick’s second EP for Night Vision leads off with this futuristic jam that combines a funky house groove with all manner of weird sound effects and glitches. Fenix always lights up the crowd and quickly becomes a standout in any set.

Theo Erikkson – Postis Och Drulle

We found Sweden’s Theo Erikkson completely out the blue, and were so impressed by this young gun’s talent. Originally a demo put up on Soundcloud, Postis Och Drulle turned out to be the perfect summer groove track, and landed itself a premiere with Mixmag. Put this one on on a hot sunny day, and the good vibes of your get-together will instantly multiply.

Theo Erikkson – Mr Herrn (Crackazat Remix)

Championed early on by Pete Tong, Crackazat’s remix of fellow Swede Theo Erikkson has been a festival favourite for the Night Vision crew. After letting the crowd breathe with 2 dreamy and romantic interludes, the spirited synth lead always puts people into a frenzy.

Dailey & Trevor Oslo – Love Tonight

Dailey and Trevor Oslo’s collab track Love Tonight is the only single Night Vision Music has ever put out, and for good reason. It’s a beautifully haunting track that’s become an anthem within the crew. A driving 606 pattern serves as the backbone, while dreamy pads, arpeggiated synths, and booming bass ride alongside sensual vocals.

Featuring new original tracks from Nick Garcia, Dunmore Park, Adam Johan & Trevor Olso, David Luca & Dailey, and Honeydripper, watch out for Night Vision Music’s brand new compilation “Night Vision – 5 Years” hitting all music stores Friday, March 16th.

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