The world-renowned Futureboogie name traces its origins back to the dingy underground of Bristol, when a young Dave Harvey, alongside long-time friend and business partner Steve Nickolls, dubbed his clubnight with the moniker. Named after the forward-looking musical bent of the parties, the well-attended monthly night soon expanded to encompass a radio show, booking agency, and ultimately a record label of the same name. 

Futureboogie Recordings was inaugurated by fellow Bristolian Julio Bashmore with the classic ‘Father Father’. Since then, Futureboogie has become home to countless quality releases from Dave’s immediate circle including Eats Everything, PBR Streetgang, and Felix Dickinson to name but a few, racking up numerous accolades-including Resident Advisor’s label of the month– whilst hosting stages at Secret Garden Party, Glastonbury and Burning Man along the way.

Continuing our new series, highlighting some of our favourite labels in the UK and beyond, we thought we would catch up with Dave Harvey and get the scoop on all things Futureboogie Recordings. Below, you will find information on the label’s history, ethos, releases and future. As you can probably tell by know, we are asking each respective label owner the same questions. With this approach, we hope these showcases will be as educational and informative (for all you aspiring label heads out there) as they are entertaining.

Also, you will find an exclusive mix from Futureboogie’s Christophe, giving readers an idea of the Futureboogie sound as its meant to be heard…in the mix!

“…the music has got to move us, it’s that simple.”

What does Futureboogie add to the dance music spectrum?
Not sure what we add but have definitely taken a lot away at times! I guess unpretentious music for dancefloors might be a good description?

When did you first think about launching Futureboogie?
it’s something we talked about for years and then finally came into being about 4 years ago now. It came up a lot in late night conversations for donkeys!

When did Futureboogie actually launch?
2011 was when we finally came out the traps, with Father Father from Bashmore.

Story behind the Futureboogie name?
We were playing loads of broken beat at the time, loads of it jazz/soul/boogie based and wonky, the kind of thing you needed a third leg to dance to – it seemed apt for that vibe but done in a futuristic style – think it was one of the original crew Pieman who coined it but there has been some debate over that.

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
To be totally honest it was just finding that first release – I heard it in a club with Bashmore and was just bang up for getting it out there – after that the first year or so just really rolled and all our friends started sending us music we really wanted to put out. We were really lucky in the sense that the hype machine got behind us from the off and we had a real honeymoon period.

What qualities do you look for in a Futureboogie artist?
Well first off the music has got to move us, it’s that simple. We get sent a lot of music by dear friends that we really want to put out – but if it doesn’t give you that feeling then it’s not happening. That and them being great in the pub or in a field late doors massively helps. We’ve been very fortunate in that 90% of our releases have been from friends.

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