RM Records is a new independent record label based in London. Founded by DJ, producers and long term friends, LongPlay, RMR is a creative outlet for not only our own productions but also a platform for breakthrough music across the UK and Europe.

Predominantly rooted in house culture, RM Records aim to bring other genres into the mix to create a collection of eclectic house sounds. Bringing together rising talent and established global artists through vinyl and digital releases.

The RM Records philosophy is to sign music they feel truly passionate about and hopefully listeners will too…

Continuing our new series here and in conjunction with Deep House Amsterdam, highlighting some of our favourite labels in the UK and beyond, we thought we would catch up with Longplay and get the scoop on all things RM Records. Below, you will find information on the label’s history, ethos, releases and future. As you can probably tell by know, we are asking each respective label owner the same questions. With this approach, we hope these showcases will be as educational and informative (for all you aspiring label heads out there) as they are entertaining.

Also, you will find an exclusive mix from RM Records’s Longplay, giving readers an idea of the RM Records sound as its meant to be heard…in the mix!

“We think we bring something that has recently been decaying of late in the industry”

What does RM Records add to the dance music spectrum?
We think we bring something that has recently been decaying of late in the industry, a label that fully supports the acts its signs from bookings, to advertising the actual producer and helping them get noticed.

There are no false promises with RMR, if we sign someones music it means we fully support the music and the artist 100%.

When did you first think about launching RM Records
About a year ago, Dave was heavily involved in one of the UK’s biggest dance music festivals and came out of it for personal reasons, but wanted to get straight back in to another project. He put it to me and Andy and we went for it full steam ahead.

When did RM Records actually launch?
We started putting the brand out there on social media mid june, so that when we launched the debut EP we would have some momentum and had ample time push the tracks and artists. RMR001 Landed digitally 7th September, and the vinyl will be in stores end of October. Moving forward all our vinyl releases will hit the stores before the digital.

Story behind the RM Records name?
We wanted to name it something that had personal meaning to all three of us, we all grew up in the same area and RM is our area postcode. Pretty simple, but thinks its got a nice ring to it ;).

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
To be fair the whole process is pretty tough. There are so many good independent labels out there at the moment, its a tough market place to get recognition. But we think if you stick to your initial game plan of the where you want to take the label, the music you want to release, even down to your artwork, along with working your arse off! You can make a success of it.

What qualities do you look for in a RM Records artist?
Firstly we look for great music and artists that are passionate about the music they are making. They also have to be supporters of the label and its of big importance to us that we have a good relationship with everyone, M.A.X and Lloyd, James Dexter and Alex Agore. We have been really lucky so far that all the guys that have come on board are wicked!

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