Internationally known for productions and DJ-sets from Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora and P.A.C.O., Kittball Records is a platform for the guys to release tracks of their own and their fellow artists, bringing you the “Kitt” from their favourite tracks.

Alongside their own productions, the Kittball crew has been releasing House and Tech House tracks since 2005, by artists like Timo Maas, Format:B, Ida Engberg, Ante Perry, Daniel Steinberg, Veerus & Maxie Devine, Lexer, Tapesh, Jay Lumen, Teenage Mutants, George Morel, Wild Culture, P.A.C.O., in.deed, Paji and Turntablerocker. A typical Kittball release can be recognised by the fresh sound, deep bass and a tiny pinch of irony.

Now, celebrating 10 years as a label, Kittball Records drops its 100th release featuring tracks from the label’s founders, regulars and some special guests to boot.

With that, we continue our new series here and in conjunction with Deep House Amsterdam, highlighting some of our favourite labels around the world, we thought we would catch up with Juliet Sikora and get the scoop on all things Kittball Records. Here, you will find information on the label’s history, ethos, releases and future. As you can probably tell by know, we are asking each respective label owner the same questions. With this approach, we hope these showcases will be as educational and informative (for all you aspiring label heads out there) as they are entertaining.

Also, you will find an exclusive mix from Kittball Records’ Juliet Sikora, giving readers an idea of the Kittball Records sound as its meant to be heard…in the mix!

“We had this punk attitude and didn’t want to depend on a major label”

What does Kittball add to the dance music spectrum?
These answers always sound cheesy and “constructed” but well: we always try to add real pieces of music to the dance music market. I mean, nowadays it’s really easy to put some loop samples together and create pretty cold rhythm tracks. We try to make the difference in creating something with soul and feelings, as that’s what makes a song special.

When did you first think about launching Kittball?
Immediately when we started to make electronic music. We had this punk attitude and didn’t want to depend on a major label so that was the only solution in our minds.

When did Kittball actually launch?
Hehe, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary, you should have done your homework ☺

Story behind the Kittball name?
Simple question, tough answer. “Kitt” is a fictitious word that we used before having the label. It has different meanings, but none in specific. It’s an expression for creating, destroying, accelerating or simply doing something in a very extreme way. It can be positive but also negative. So when we came up with the word this name we had a pulsating, boiling, energizing globe in mind, which is full of “Kitt”. The Kittball.

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
I think in those days it was the distribution. We got good help with that so we just had to take care about the music.

What qualities do you look for in a Kittball artist?
We love working with good people that have a good personality, but in the end it’s the musical output that decides.

Describe 3 seminal moments in Kittball existence?
Our first hit. Our first Kittball baby. Our first “Kittball Summit” we did for ourselves in the middle of nowhere – with 4 people 😀

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