The diverse yet consistent Domino Effect imprint brings the sounds of various House & Garage genres, focused on uniting artists from all over the globe, it pushes back into old and new boundaries of its genre and reaches exciting new sounds.

In an industry where a majority of future trend engineers go unheard due to being lost and submerged in a deep endless battle to be heard, Domino Effect spotlight some of the very hottest, cutting-edge acts and provide them with a unique new platform to push their boundaries in electronic music.  In just 24 months Domino Effect is on their 17th release, have racked up nearly 2M plays on Soundcloud, and ventured overseas across 3 continents.

With that, we continue our new series here, and in conjunction with Deep House Amsterdam, highlighting some of our favourite labels from around the world, we thought we would catch up with Domino Effect co-owner and head of A&R Nick Ostertag and get the scoop on all things Domino Effect Records. Here, you will find information on the label’s history, ethos, releases and future. As you can probably tell by know, we are asking each respective label rep the same questions. With this approach, we hope these showcases will be as educational and informative (for all you aspiring label heads out there) as they are entertaining.

“Our ethos is simple and effective; we want to make our listeners move. “

What does Domino Effect Records add to the dance music spectrum?
Since its creation in 2013, we’ve focused our efforts on developing Domino into a brand that consistently outputs a very distinctive House & Garage sound, our ethos is simple and effective; we want to make our listeners move. We provide an energy and quality that we believe isn’t paralleled often in our genre, with every release bringing something new to the table, whether it be our synonymous bass driven tech from artists such as Kyle Watson & Billy Kenny, our house fuelled garage productions from our very own S. Jay & Ostertag and Ozzi, or more chunky vocal cuts from the likes of Kactuz & Coeus, Fabio Lendrum & Ste E…

When did you first think about launching Domino Effect Records?
The concept of Domino Effect Records came about during the Summer of 2013. Myself & co-label runner S. Jay bounced ideas around for a good couple of months before putting some plans into place for the first VA release.

When did Domino Effect Records actually launch?
[DEFECT001] arrived in the stores on Mon 13th October 2013 with tracks from Low Steppa, Filthy Rich, Kyle Watson, A Lister, S. Jay & Ostertag, Dene Antony, Ben Mono and many more… It was a charting success and we’ve never looked back!

Story behind the Domino Effect Records name?
This is a great question, and the true answer is being made more apparent with every release. The Domino theory originates from one event causing a larger succession of events to follow, and with that in mind, dominos dropping, or events happening, are our releases getting bigger, more successful and generally gaining more momentum as they drop, each with more power than the last, due to the expansion of our fan based networks as we grow.

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
Launching a record label is by no means easy. Lots of aspects begin introducing themselves to you, that as a new label runner, you never would have been expected to know about. Based on this fact alone, I personally made it our life-long dream to learn about the industry as best I could. The motivation to learn and soak things up like a sponge returned when I had something to focus my efforts towards, Domino Effect was the outcome.

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