Tact Recordings is the collective of producers / DJs hailing from London, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds.

In taking inspiration from labels like Harmonie Park, Dial Records, ~Scape and Rush Hour’, as well as stirring in its own individual flavours, Tact Recordings was created as a platform for releasing emotional and vibe-inducing music of the labels approach.

With a steady stream of EPs and digital releases each year, drawing on both the talents of up and coming producers as well as those artists who serve as inspiration.

So, with that, we continue our series highlighting some of our favourite labels from around the world, so we thought we would catch up with Tact Recordings, Yard One to get the scoop on all things Tact.

Also, at the end of the article there is a slamming mix from Yard One, so that you can get an idea of the Tact recordings experience as it was meant to be heard…in the mix!

“A keen sense of what is tasteful or aesthetically pleasing”

What does Tact add to the dance music spectrum?
A broad spectrum of electronic music from our crew and some of our favorite artists in the industry, we’ve been releasing an array of electronic music since 2012 and strive to deliver something unique for the listeners with every project.

When did you first think about launching Tact
We initially thought about getting a record label launched for our output when we all (the founders of the label) studied sound engineering together in Manchester, everyone around us was making what we felt to be interesting music but none of it had a home. Soon after Tact Recordings was born and it’s been a platform for music from friends and now the core artists Yard One and Adventures In Daydreams ever since.

When did Tact actually launch?
2012 saw our first vinyl release with label co-founder RJ Fletcher’s ‘Double Down’ EP which was accompanied by a remix from the legendary Detroit house artist Rick Wade. His Harmonie Park imprint has been a favourite of ours for quite some time so it was an honour to have him on board.

Story behind the Tact name?
Pretty much the definition of the word felt right for what we were trying to portray – Tact ‘A keen sense of what is tasteful or aesthetically pleasing’. I hope listeners feel it fits too.

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
I wouldn’t say there were huge set backs on launching, it’s merely a case of getting everything secured with distribution, mastering, artwork etc, but it felt exciting to be doing it rather than a hindrance.

What qualities do you look for in a Tact artist?
Most of the artists on the label are friends so I guess a personal connection has been key for us, we of course always listen to demos from other artists but the output has always been kept quite close to home. We’re always on the lookout for something distinct and individual sounding though so if it comes our way then we’ll undoubtedly back it.