Describe 3 seminal moments in Roundabout Sounds existence?
One would be dropping on the scene with a P&D deal which helped me out a lot (since I live and work full time in the San Francisco area and am a single parent). This saved me a lot of time and effort for sustaining the label.

The 2nd was collaborating with my friend and an artist who I’m a fan of (Rick Wilhite) in putting out a triple vinyl various-artists release entitled “Connecting the Compass”. It was a pleasure working with Rick and gathering tracks from artists like himself along with Theo Parrish, Norm Talley, Soulphiction, Karizma and Baaz.

Thirdly, I’d say would have been collaborating with Plug Research to put out a prominent Japanese underground artist’s (Rondenion) debut LP. I did the vinyl and PR did the digital. This got us more exposure, especially in Japan.

Most disappointing moment in Roundabout Sounds existence?
I had a couple of releases that didn’t do as well as had planned so that was a bit of a bummer.

Describe Roundabout Sounds album artwork?
I had a talented graphic artist (Manuel Zeeman) on board for the first 10 releases then went with a hand-drawn approach with another artist (Cheslo) from RS011 onwards.

Best Roundabout Sounds showcase?
Connecting the Compass release (RS007) had the most colorful array of artists and would probably be my favorite release. Not far behind would be my Aaron-Carl tribute EP (RS005) which contained the last track he made before he left us (RIP) along with remixes from the likes of Agnes, Pirahnahead, Iron Curtis & Baaz.

Worst Roundabout Sounds showcase?
Haha I’d rather not mention any names if you don’t mind 😉
I will take the blame for making the final decisions.

Dream Roundabout Sounds artist?
That’s a tough one…..maybe if Max Graef and Frits Wentink had a child? For now Orlando Voorn is keeping me quite busy with his excellent interpretation of sample-based house tunes.

Most important business/music app/program/software?
Straight samplers brah 😉
Oh and whatever Paul Mac uses for mastering!

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
Yeah well I work full time for a software company in San Francisco so I mainly do this on evenings and weekends that I’m not with my daughter so it’s not so much one full day but rather until I fall asleep most days.

Upcoming projects?
Looking forward to highlighting artists from Ukraine, Germany and Tel Aviv on upcoming releases along with more fire from OV… stay tuned!

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Sound Stream – Soul Train (SOUNDSTREAM)
The Carter Brothers – Tempting Fate Disco (TSUBA)
Unknown Deetroit – UDR444
Boe & Zak – Unstoppable (TAIN)
Unknown Deetroit – UDR 555
Frits Wentink – Ligament – (HEIST)
Jordan Peak – “S.O.O.N” (Mike Huckaby Remix) – (ROGUE SOCIETY)
Peggy Gou – A Day Without Yesterday – (PHONICA WHITE)
Thomas Wood – All About – (TW LTD)
Hip to be Disillusioned – Space Ridims (PRESCRIPTION)
Baaz – Anyway (Christopher Rau Remix) – (OFFICE RECORDINGS)
Fouk – Ken Sent Me – (HEIST)
Cool People – Free Pt 1 (Andres Remix) – (MOODS & GROOVES)