Describe 3 seminal moments in Desert Hearts existence?
It’s a long story but I think it’s worth telling. Outside of starting the label and the first Desert Hearts party I described before, there was one other experience that catapulted our community’s energy into another dimension. The Desert Hearts Festival we threw in the Spring of 2014 will go down as the most notorious party of all our gatherings. The day before the festival we received a very thick letter in the mail from City Hall describing every ordinance we were violating and that if we didn’t cancel the festival immediately, they would take the proper steps to shut it down for us. The party was held on private land but we didn’t have any permits due to a very late and unexpected venue change. We had too much momentum riding on this party to shut it down so we decided to roll the dice and lawyer up. Sure enough as soon as the music started the next day a squadron of 10 Police Sport Utility Vehicles and a motherfucking helicopter came to shut us down. We were literally on the microphone telling everyone to hide in their tents while we stood outside and greeted the police with our own stack of papers that described why we were exempt from their violations. Through some pretty outlandish and questionable legal loopholes, we told the police that they could fine us but they couldn’t shut us down. They kinda huffed and gruffed but eventually told us we were right. As they turned their squadron around and the helicopter flew out of sight, the party went from 0 to 100! We had fought the law and we had won! But just when we thought we were home free, we were blindsided by the most intense, unpredicted downpour of rain we’d ever seen. And as soon as we couldn’t take it any more, the rain turned to snow and it was one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen. The rest of the weekend was absolutely gorgeous but it was the survival aspect on the first night that set the vibe for one of the best parties we’ve ever thrown. We were fucking invincible that weekend and people in our community still talk about their experience at “Snowy Hearts” like it’s a Badge of Honor.

Most disappointing moment in Desert Hearts existence?
We royally fucked up a booking with our musical heroes, Extrawelt, by underestimating how intense their tech rider would be to set up. We were really determined to make it work but with the small size of our stage and our DJ booth it just wasn’t going to happen. After they flew halfway across the world to play our festival, we had to call them and let them know that we fucked everything up. They were very cool about the whole thing but someday we’re going to make it up to those guys.

Describe Desert Hearts album artwork?
One of our core Desert Hearts Co-Founder, Artist, and DJ, Marbs, does all of the artwork for the label. He’s an insanely talented artist in more ways than one and I think his art has given the label a great deal of credibility. He hand draws almost all of them and you can really see the progression from the first artwork to where we’re at now.

Best Desert Hearts showcase?
Every Desert Hearts Festival gets better and better than the one before, and every City Hearts party gets better than the one before. Shit is wild.

Worst Desert Hearts showcase?
So far they’ve all been great. Good things happen when your putting positive energy out into the universe.

Dream Desert Hearts artist?
Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, or Super Flu

Most important business/music app/program/software?
Soundcloud. From our free record label to all the recorded sets from our festivals, our label wouldn’t be what it is without Soundcloud.

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
All day, every day… But you never work a day in your life if you’re doing what you love.

Upcoming projects?
Lots of EPs coming later this year from the core Desert Hearts Crew: Marbs, Deep Jesus, Porkchop, Lee Reynolds, & Myself. In the immediate future we have an EP from Mr. Jefferson and a Family & Friends Vol. 1 compilation dropping in July.

Download Soundcloud Artist Page

1. Kell Bill – Flowin [Desert Hearts Records]
2. Mr. Jefferson – Shuffle Anthem [Desert Hearts Records]
3. Caoak, Jhonsson – Play This Record [Throne Room Records]
4. JTZ – Bangin’ Souls [Desert Hearts Records]
5. The Willers Brothers – Mind Craft Glasses [My Favorite Freaks]
6. Tigerskin – Inner World [Voltage Musique]
7. Gruuv’ – Luft [Rationalism Records]
8. Drastic Duo – Dauru [ElRow Music]
9. Fritz Carlton & Lubelski – 2C-Bounce [Desert Hearts Records]
10. Jeremy Bass – Don’t You [Dirty Music
11. Buala – Finger Rodeo [Desert Hearts Records]
12. Dennis Cruz – No Critic [Time Has Changed]
13. Mr. Jefferson – Generation [Desert Hearts Records]