Correspondant is Jennifer Cardini musical enterprise, established in 2011 in conjunction with worldwide distributor, Kompakt Records.

Cardini launched Correspondant as an extension of her longtime residency at Paris’ Rex Club. Now, the Cologne-based label has issued 36 EPs and three compilations, featuring a collective of both emerging and established international artists, while hosting club nights everywhere from Nitsa and Panorama Bar, to Bootleg in Tel Aviv.

So, with that, we continue our series highlighting our favourite labels from around the world. Today, we thought we would catch up with Correspondant Records boss, Jennifer Cardini to get the scoop on all things Correspondant. Also, at the end of this article you will find an exclusive full length mix from Madrid’s Javi Redondo giving an idea of how Correspondant is meant to be heard…in the mix!

“I always wanted to start a label, the right moment and the right demo came and I just went for it.”

What does Correspondant add to the dance music spectrum?
A bit of humor, a bit of tension and a bit of sweat I hope..!

When did you first think about launching Correspondant?
I always wanted to start a label, the right moment and the right demo came and I just went for it. Soon later came the help of good friend Noura Labbani who really participated in making things more organized and consequent as our label manager.

When did Correspondant actually launch?
5 years ago in May from my home in Cologne back then.

Story behind the Correspondant name?
It’s the name of my long time residency at Rex which has been a great inspiration for the label. I often opened the night and got into digging a lot more slow and weird music. That’s where the label took his roots.

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
It was quiet easy as Kompakt really helped us and explained a lot. I was already getting so many unreleased music at that time that this wasn’t an issue either. So many talented people out there.

What qualities do you look for in a Correspondant artist?
Continuity & diversity

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