We hit the quarter century mark of our Label Showcase series with London’s Motek Music.

A label proudly stating their avversion to anything ordinary, pretentious, or mainstream, Motek Music has delivered a slew of quality deep house and techno releases over the course of the last 5 years. With artists like David Scuba, Eric Volta, Jay Tripwire, Jonas Saalbach, Kiki, Louie Fresco, Maher Daniel, Silky, Superlounge and more on its back catalogue it’s no wonder the label has become a favorite of everyone from Solomun to Joris Voorn to Danny Tenaglia to Nick Warren.

With that, we’ll let the label and the music do the talking from here on out. Also, at the end of this showcase, you’ll find an exclusive mixtape from Motek’s Stevie R, giving an idea of how the sound of Motek really is meant to be heard. Stevie R has released on the likes of OFF Recordings, Babiczstyle, Parquet, Inside Out Records, Union Jack Records, Steyoyoke, and is a core member of the Motek team, acting as sound engineer and creative director!

“The dream Motek artist is an unknown artist that we haven’t discovered yet”

What does Motek add to the dance music spectrum?
Well we’re sure you wouldn’t expect us to say otherwise, but we think we release some pretty good cutting edge dance music from some very talented artists that is making people move on dance floors all over the world!

When did you first think about launching Motek?
Motek started out running nights originally across London for a few years. It was always part of the plan to start the label eventually as the natural next step when the time was right. We wanted to make sure we had grown a base following and roster of artists through our events to enable a strong start to the label side of the business. This has allowed us to spread our parties worldwide.

When did Motek actually launch?
We started running parties in London in April 2011 and we launched the label in June 2014.

Story behind the Motek name?
It came about when playing around with the word Techno. Lots of interesting names came out of this but a lot were taken or didn’t feel quite right. Motek stood out to us and came fairly quickly and we later found out by chance that it is a term of endearment in Hebrew, roughly translated to something similar to ‘cutie’!

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
Getting a strong release pipeline in place and releasing consistently as a new label is not easy, it took us a while to get there. We are a small team so as the label has grown, we have had to juggle a lot of work between us.

What qualities do you look for in a Motek artist?
Music wise, we look for originality and some kind of edge in the sound. It has to stand out to our ears, whether it is a Deep melodic number or a Techno bomb. Also, whether the artist is new or established we look for friendly, down to earth personalities that would fit into the Motek family. No Divas here!!

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