Music is Love was born from the hearts and desires of house music lovers with an intent to push the music that is in our soul.

Delivering an eclectic balance of classic and contemporary sounds, attention to detail is paramount in the Music is Love vision; think weighty 180gram vinyls, hand curated artwork, high grade artists & remixers from past and present paying homage to house culture of all kinds. On top of the label, Music is Love also runs showcases and parties across UK and Europe, holding residency at Sankeys (UK).

So, with that, we continue our series highlighting our favourite labels from around the world. Today, we thought we would catch up with Music Is Love Records boss, Oli Furness to get the scoop on all things Music is Love. Also, at the end of this article you will find an exclusive full length mix from Oli giving an idea of how Music is Love is meant to be heard.

“I usually watch in the shadows for quite some time”

What does Music is Love add to the dance music spectrum?
I think from the off Music is Love has offered a steady stream of solid releases, we’ve introduce some exciting new producers we have found on our travels, and also blended our output with artists who’s work we respect, be it as remixer’s or reissues of classic tracks. We also added some seriously badboi parties to some people’s clubbing memories.

When did you first think about launching Music is Love
Music is Love first came about a while back, the main purpose was to push forward the wealth of talent we had around us, with a clear vision of not following pulsating trends like so many labels seemed to be doing at the time, but to simply release music we loved, having a strong rooting in house music we primarily kept music is love for house, but have since launched a sister label MIL which caters for our tougher more electic yearning which is vinyl only.

When did Music is Love actually launch?
We starting to begin concept design, AR and artwork in the summer of 2012 and I believe the 1st ep by New Jack City came out on wax in the December. We are fast approaching 5 years and we have managed across both labels to release over 20 vinyl, I’m already looking forward to the next 20 ☺

Story behind the Music is Love name?
Well we found out very early that names were a nightmare, and after much too-ing and frow-ing we basically stole the text that was in a design my friend was looking at in my front room, its funny because for such a haphazard way of settling the name, the ethos and attitude of the label has almost grown into the embodiment of the it .

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
To be honest we didn’t find that many difficulties, if you are on top of all aspects from art to mastering to distro you can see the development of the label, this is something we wanted to get right, luckily our first record sold really well and gave us a great spring board to move forward on. There are of course on going aspects that are tricky with a label, admin and pressing delays jump to mind haha.

What qualities do you look for in a Music is Love artist?
When looking for new artist for music is love I usually watch in the shadows for quite some time, to see if the work they produce is constantly flicking my switch as I always welcome ongoing relationships with the artists. As for qualities, its about technique and artistic stamp I think.