Describe 3 seminal moments in Music is Love existence?
3 seminal moments are probably having every vinyl we’ve every release sell out at our distributer, this is the most seminal for me as it shows a level of continuity throughout our releases even though the style and flare have meandered with our own tastes, that level of support has always blown me away.

Our opening party at Sankeys when we had Moodyman, Levon Vincent and Delano Smith on 1 line up, was quite something, and the last is us having a big old three way showcase in IPSE, Berlin last year with out mates, Slapfunk & Beste Modus. The party was absolutely silly vibes, 3 crews all night long. Simply Amazing.

Most disappointing moment in Music is Love existence?
Ermmm haha, usually involves sorting remixers.

Describe Music is Love album artwork?
The initial concept was to show the growth of our artists and the label twofold, we then moved that further forward into the 2nd sleeve design which is many plants growing, ( the label growing ) I think the concept is clean and recognizable, we spent along time tryin to match the ethos of the label against the artwork. For the VA’s we do (Lovebox VA) we have our little mascot the donut guy replicated over and over again inside the double VA gatefold, this representing the various artists that make up the VA, we always try and play with ideas and concepts in a fun way and think it usually comes out looking sweet.


Best Music is Love showcase?
There’s been A LOT of seriously badass parties but if I had to choose just one, then probably our New Years Eve at Sankeys with Kerri Chandler, I’m not usually one for NYE parties they always seem to be a big rush for nothing, but this one, the stars aligned and just came together in a beautiful way.

Worst Music is Love showcase?
Hahaha, tbh I haven’t ever thought about it.

Dream Music is Love artist?
Well, we’ve had one in already in the form of Paul Johnson on our Tribute series, but another that stands out would be Head high, everything he drops (as Head High) is just completely up my street, tough and funky in equal measures.

Most important business/music app/program/software?
My Mac, to lose it would be equal that of an old friend or a family pet such as a small rabbit called Walter

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
Well I used to work on the oil fields in the north sea so I’ve done a few heavy shifts in my time trust! Haha.

Upcoming projects?
Well, as I said we are approaching our 5th year as a label and we planning some stuff next year to celebrate the occasion. Firstly we are gonna drop our 3rd Lovebox VA. We have some serious heaters on there and I’m proud to welcome some new artists to the label, some you’ll know maybe some you wont. We have Wbeeza, Mak & Pasteman, Ingi Visions amongst others and even the homie’s New Jack City are back with a banger. We are also looking at getting the showcases out there as much as possible so hold tight for details later on in the year.

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