Talking to us is Claire Spooner, aka Just Her, the visionary behind Constant Circles, a label deeply rooted in a multimedia approach to their musical creations. A fresh gulp of the underground. A narrative that is conceptualised along the circular, mathematical certainty, with no beginning and no end.

Among others, Constant Circles is the label that aims to connect with you in more than one medium to express the concept. In this unique concept, each release of the label is a piece of art both aurally and visually, the musical story continues in being paired with a custom piece of visual art and fashion, which is quickly gaining an underground following.

Claire Spooner writes music with feeling, no surprise her  songwriting and engineering work with Him_Self_Her has been hosted by top labels such as Toolroom, Crosstown Rebels, Stil Vor Talent and Desert Hearts.


“We try to place ourselves between genres, never following trends and to keep movement and dynamics within our music and visual art.”

What does Constant Circles add to the dance music spectrum?
Constant Circles is primarily a music and art concept, so we promote visual artists as well as musicians, and each release comes with its own piece of bespoke visual art. Musically, our vision is to keep moving.

The ‘Circle Constant’ is the most perfect shape in existence, a mathematical certainty, with no beginning and no end. Good music should not be defined by genre or expectation and should be constantly evolving.

We try to place ourselves between genres, never following trends and to keep movement and dynamics within our music and visual art.

When did you first think about launching Constant Circles?
It has always been a dream of mine to run my own business, and since I started playing records around 15 years ago I made the decision that it would be something music related, so a record label was the obvious starting point. I’ve spent those 15 years trying to build the contacts and experience needed to launch a label with the right foundations and I’m hoping that has paid off.

When did Constant Circles actually launch?
The first release was in August 2015, but the social media pages and the website went live a while before that. The idea was to build something more than just a label and that began around ten months earlier, when we launched a radio show and a blog site, including reviews of underground music and visual art, interviews and free downloads. The whole concept fits together really well and will hopefully continue to grow into something bigger.

Story behind the Constant Circles name?
The concept is that everything moves in cycles, everything comes back around, and we are constantly drawing influence from what exists and using this to create what’s to come. So our sound and visual art is inspired by the past, the future and all that emerges in between. Unceasing, limitless – a constant circle.

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
To be honest, the whole thing was much harder work than I ever realised, especially for one person. It takes a lot of behind the scenes effort, and you have to be super organised and consistent. I think the most difficult aspect is to try and stand out in a very saturated market of new independent labels, but hopefully I’ve have created something unique in Constant Circles.

“I can’t stress enough how important that is, and how rare it is in today’s industry. Professionalism, humbleness and integrity are paramount.”

What qualities do you look for in a Constant Circles artist?
Obviously the music is the most important aspect and this is always considered before anything else. But because of the wider concept of the brand and the visual elements, an artist has to bring more than just music. They have to be on the same page as us artistically, with a strong visual identity, and for me it is really important that they have good values and come across well, both personally and online. I can’t stress enough how important that is, and how rare it is in today’s industry. Professionalism, humbleness and integrity are paramount.
Musically, the artist has to be unique and not just following current trends. It has to stand out in some way and invoke some kind of feeling and emotion, and it needs to be something I can play on the radio show or in my sets.

Describe 3 seminal moments in Constant Circles existence?
I think the most important moment was when the concept and visual identity all fell into place, as this is so important to the brand itself. Once I had come up with the Constant Circles idea, I knew that the branding and visual identity had to be perfect and I worked with one of the most talented people I know to create this – Martín Vidal, an artist, designer and musician from L.A who owns a design company called Today Everything Will Change ( He designed all of the label branding and then created a run of three pieces of bespoke artwork for the first releases based around the idea of ‘faces’ – conceptualising the music but also demonstrating the themes of individual identity and togetherness at the same time, which is an ethos of Constant Circles. The artwork was stunning and it really helped us make an impact as a new label with more than just music.

One of the key releases that started to get the label more attention was my track “Let Myself Go” that featured Kieran Fowkes on vocals. It was a risk to release this on my own label at quite an early stage but it seemed to pay off, as the track reached number 4 in the electronica chart on Beatport and was played by some of the biggest DJs in the world. It still seems to be gaining momentum too – the premiere on Soundspace is getting close to 100k plays, and the EP is now being released as a remix package, with amazing reworks from Pete Oak, Nandu, Moosefly and Konvex & The Shadow.

The third seminal moment has to be the release of our first full artist album from Nandu, which came out in July. It is a real work of art and it was an honour to have on the label, but it was also a good learning curve for us for future LP releases. To celebrate the album we have decided to give away one of the tracks ‘Crush’, which you can get via Deep House Amsterdam.