Established in 2009 by French Producer POPOF, FORM is an electronic label that gathers new and established artists to promote open mindedness.

By assembling various genres of electronic music, FORM’s hundreds (and growing) back catalogue features everything from Electronica to House to Chill-Out, Deep, Tech House and Techno, featuring artists like Barem, German Brigante, Jay Lumen, Julian Jeweil, Lutzenkirchen, N’to, Petar Dundov, Reset Robot, Stacey Pullen, System of Survival, Tapesh, and many more.

So with that, today we highlight POPOF’s FORM Music. Here, the man himself dishes on the label’s history, ethos, and future, while one if its brightest stars – Simina Grigoriu – drops a FORM Music exclusive mixtape. Make sure you also check out the latest EP from Simina, “Slush Fund,” which includes Alfred Heinrichs & Moe Danger Remixes – Out TODAY!

“Form has never limited itself to one musical genre”

What does FORM add to the dance music spectrum?
Form Music distinguishes itself both visually and musically. Visually, because it has a unique identity. Musically, Form has never limited itself to one musical genre, any music I like at the moment is welcome on the label.

​​When did you first think about launching FORM​?
​I thought about it in 2009. It was a very busy year for me, I was very – overly – productive, I had so many tracks to release I didn’t know where to start! Having my own label was a good way to sort that out, and that’s why the first Form music releases are mine. Then the label developed and I started signing other artists.

​​When did FORM actually launch?
In 2009.

Story behind the FORM name?​​
​​There’s not really one! To tell you the truth, I can’t even remember why I chose that name!

What was the most difficult aspect of launching the label?
I had to deal with everything myself in the beginning, from the logistics to supervising the fabrication and distribution of both vinyl and digital music. It was very hard but I eventually found the right people to help me.

What qualities do you look for in a FORM artist?
To be him/herself, to be original, to be professional and most of all to be honest in his or her approach towards music. I’m not a fan of doing trendy music because it will sell. I like people who are genuinely interested in music – that’s why you will never see me do the same thing over and over again, even if I know the crowd expects me to do this precisely.

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