PBR Streetgang have been making music together for almost a decade now.

Now, the time has come to release their long-awaited debut album ‘Late Night Party Line’, which features guest vocals by Mattie Safer from The Rapture on future single ‘Everything Changes’, Danielle Moore from Crazy P and newcomer Lilly Juniper; a complete labour of love.

Surrounded by a slew of activity both across the UK and in Europe, ‘Late Night Party Line’ is now available. With the album out, and a fresh Fabric launch party just behind them, we caught up with the PBR Streetgang guys.

“…we liked the idea of it being the name of something that transports you up river into another world. “

So, I’m not sure why, but I never realised that your name was inspired from the Apocalypse Now boat crew. I recently went on a bit of a Vietnam media binge following a great recent 10 part documentary series, and watched the Redux version of the film. My personal opinion is, that it’s the best war film ever made. Can you talk a little as to why you adopted the name from this film?
Yes lots of people, certainly in America, think we’re something to do with the Beer PBR or bull riders or something equally as bizarre but your right it is from Apocalypse Now, we were actually named by our friend who has an equally interesting name John St John! Initially it was a spur of the moment thing he suggested while we were watching the film one night. but think it stuck as it was different and I think we liked the idea of it being the name of something that transports you up river into another world.

Would you say you are generally a fan of film? For me, film has always been an equal interest as music and one of the more complete examples of artistic expression (an in depth conversation for another day though).
We’re both huge fans of film. I don’t know if its been an equal interest for us but i really like the way making a film is an intensely collaborative process which is kind of of the opposite to the method of making modern day electronic music.

This Friday, you will release a new single from your forthcoming 2018 album, ‘Everything Changes’. What is it about this track that you feel make it a good representation of the LP?
“Everything Changes’ is probably the standout track of the Album for us. It a bit of a departure in terms of style perhaps but we it also feels like a track we’d be trying to make for years but finally took the leap and did it.

How did Tuff City Kids and Crooked Man come to be involved on remix duties?
Gerd and Philip (Tough city Kids) had done and amazing Job for us with the track ‘Return to Page One’ a couple of years ago so we definite wanted their touch again and Crooked man is someone we’ve been a fan of for ages both as a remixer and a producer, we loved his Album on DFA. Plus he’s a Yorkshireman which is always a bonus 😉

Speaking of the album, what was the starting point for “Late Night Party Line ”? Was it a particular bassline, melody, theme…?Do you mean the Album or the track?
Well, if its the Album that was when Tom came back with some field recordings from his trip to India and we built a track around that which ended up being the opening song ‘Human Being’. If its the track then I think that came about from messing out with a delay unit on the drums and the rest followed really quickly, that was toward the end of the album making process and so we were really in a groove and so it took about a day from start to finish.

The album will be released via seminal Dance Music label Skint. I have spoken to a few top artists involved with the label recently (X Press 2, Dave Clarke, Maya Jane Coles, to name a few) and each have had only positive things to say about their relationship with the label. For you, how did you see the creative environment at Skint and how did your collaboration with them work from a creative perspective?
We had an existing relationship with Matt from the label though our work with X-Press 2 and remixing Brian Ferry so it was a natural fit when it came to the Album for us. They have been very supportive and given us a lot of Freedom to just get on and make the best Album we could.

What would you say was the primary piece of equipment and/or software used in creating the album?
I guess the unsexy answer is Ableton Live as this is what we work on but in terms of physical hardware the Juno 106 features heavily, its kind of our work horse, its sounds so good and is so versatile.

Aside from this interview, how have you strategized getting the word out on the album? How do you break down the responsibilities and strategy with your team?
We do our own social media etc. but in terms of real promo and strategy, with an album like this we leave it up to the professionals 😉

What are you most looking forward to through the end of 2017? This may not even be professional. Perhaps there are some personal activities you are looking forward to during the holiday season.
Probably my sons first Christmas is the thing I’m looking forward too the most at the end of this year personally. Professionally we have lots of amazing gigs to help promote the Album over the next few weeks Kicking of this Friday at Fabric and then in Berlin at Salon Zur Wilden Renate the day after.

In your opinion, what would you say will be a 2018 trend in Electronic and Dance Music?
Lord knows! If I was good at predicting trends I’d run a record label 🙂 Who knows… Hip House is probably due a comeback 😉

“Late Night Party Line” is NOW AVAILABLE on SKINT

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