Flooding party venues across the UK are a potentially lethal batch of pills featuring the ‘Chupa Chups’ logo.

The pills, which are deep red in color, are marketed online as containing 180mg of MDMA, but many actually contain the fatal substance, PMA, which has already been responsible for a dozen deaths in the UK.

The ‘Chupa Chups’ are coming in from Amsterdam and Germany on the cheap, listed as “Nice clean pills, super strong and hard pressed from premium Dutch Quality MDMA made of PMK. Pills are lab-tested in Netherlands.” on the dark web, but several tests have revealed their potentially deadly makeup. In fact, the warning originated from a bulk buyer on the dark web who warns, “This seller is selling pink 180mg Chupa Chups in several amounts of listings. Let me tell you these are not MDMA. These are PMA pills. They may be pressed beautifully and are tiny and deep red in colour but do not be fooled”.

There is no word where the pills are actually coming from, but looking through ebay one can find ‘Chupa Chups’ presses from China for around £115. At the moment, the bulk of the pills seem to be circulating in North west England, Northern Ireland and Scotland

Source: The Daily Star