Sonos, following their Los Angeles space, is set to open the doors of its London-based venue and workspace.

Designed by Brinkworth Designs, the converted warehouse features a 170 person capacity performance space, two surround sound listening rooms, work stations, a cafe, and a drop-in center. Created to maximize the listening experience, everything from bespoke curtains to pine floors and sound proof insulation feature.

Drawing insporation from Amsterdam’s Trouw (ground floor ceilings) to the legendary Abbey Road Studios (upstairs floor), the space also features a variety of state of the art elements:

“The solution developed for the main ground floor space was to create a ‘tuneable’ environment through the use of adjustable acoustic panels on the ceiling and main glazed wall,” explains Emma Wynn from Brinkworth. “Through angling, rotating and changing surfaces within a series of panels it is possible to adjust the sound absorbency of the room to suit the type of sound or performance. On the first floor, the function of the space is more relaxed and the intention was to acoustically enhance the space through the use of more domestic qualities—plants, furniture, books etc. Absorbent ceiling panels without the tuneable functionality soften the space.”

Opening on October 8, the space will host to exhibitions, gigs, workshops, and installations. It is located at 21 Club Row, Shoreditch, London.

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Source: The Creators Project