Imagine an auditorium sound system where a room full of 250 people can enjoy an up-close and personal sound experience with the crystalline clarity of the world’s best recording studios.

Now also imagine a 3D (true) stereo audio system able to place sound precisely anywhere in a room; a world-first system that attracts audio designers from across the planet. This is the system created by Aures London, the new Central London venue and Europe’s first fully immersive sensory venue for art and event, which launches this month. Aures London will also engage all five body senses with its Sensorium room as part of a new development in the famous Leake Street graffiti tunnel. This will feature aspects like a low frequency, vibrating haptic floor, customised acoustic walls and ceiling panels, 3D lighting and visual mapping, holograms, AR and VR functions, and more (including the olfactory and gustatory senses)

Check out some of the images from the space below and stay tuned for all the event information and happenings at this one of a kind space.

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