In leaked text messages coming by way of promoters for London nightclub Cirque le Soir, it is suggested that body image does, in fact, play a huge role in getting behind the velvet rope.

Described as an unoffical set of rules, overweight or “big” women would bot be guaranteed entry. Additionally, women were advised to dress “hot” and wear high heels. It also mentioned a make up scheme, described as “on fleek,” whatever that means…

Men, on the other hand, were only told to bring a good ratio of women if they wanted to get into the club.

To be fair, Cirque le Soir has distanced themselves from the promoters in an adamant way, releasing a statement saying:

“We would like to distance ourselves from comments made by a so-called “promoter” who is not employed by us in any capacity and reassure you that this is not our door policy whatsoever.

‘We would like to reiterate comments made have not come from anyone at Cirque le Soir, nor anyone connected to the club. We are a globally identified brand known for celebrating diversity, and remain committed to offering everyone a night out like no other.”

You can check out a selection of the leaked texts and prepare to be grossed out. With London clubbing being in shambles and proper underground venues forced into closure left and right, the question begs: Why do such events keep on going? Oh well, at least they turned away Justin Bieber once too, leading the “Biebs” to proclaim them to be: “a weak ass club”.

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Source: Metro UK