Following the recommendation from the Mayor’s office that London is to get a Night Time Economy Champion, the Night Time Industry Association is hosting an event to draw on some of the experiences, insights and successes that have come out of nightlife representatives from the cities of Amsterdam and Berlin – and to see how this can inform and firm up the role in London.

Mirik Milan – Night Time Mayor, Amsterdam
Lutz Leichsenring – Berlin Club Commission
Laia Gasch – Special Advisor Deputy Mayor for Education & Culture, GLA.

Initial questions posed by:
Lauren Preteceille (PAC, Transport for London)
Joel Mills (British Council)

Then the audience, comprised of the creative industries as well as those from policy and authorities will ask questions and discuss what they consider to be the crucial issues where the Night Time Economy intertwines with transport, policing, housing and culture.

We have invited over Mirik and Lutz so that they can provide us with useful insights in to what has worked effectively in Amsterdam & Berlin as well as some of the challenges. London will be well served by the role of Night Time Economy Champion and everyone is committed to ensuring the role is as well informed as possible.” – Alan D Miller, Chairman The NTIA

The Night Time Economy is a £66bn per annum British sector, accounting for almost 8% of UK employment. With over 300 million visits to bars, restaurants and nightclubs every year in the evening, it is an industry that is innovating and creative.

So many young people are employed in the Night Time Industiries while 1 in 4 young people in London are unemployed.

At a time when late night operators are increasingly coming under pressure from a range of challenges, the NTIA feels it is vital to join forces to protect and promote one of the most valuable sector, both culturally and economically in Britain today.