It’s been on the cards for a while and, sadly, we can announce today that Crucifix Lane in south-east London, is due to close down next month. Another victim of the capital’s growth and demand for space, Crucifix Lane will be forced to close due to the expansion of nearby London Bridge train station. It’s the second club to fall at the hands of Network Rail, following the demise of Cable not long ago.

Crucifix Lane opened in its present guise at the beginning of 2011 but has actually been around for three decades. It’s played host to a long list of events and party brands over the years, including Steve Lawler’s infamous Harlem Nights, Funkyzeit, Lo*Kee, Night Slugs, Bugged Out, Whirl-y-Gig (a party that always embodies the spirit of community in a carnival atmosphere and with exotic decor) and, more recently, Solo Danza, Cartuli’s Day and international label showcases from Pampa Records and Perlon.

The club was opened in its first incarnation as Happy Jacks – then simply ‘Jacks’ soon after. In the early nineties it was home to an early weekly night by Andrew Weatherall, called Sabresonic, which saw the Chemical Brothers play their first London show (from a cubby hole as they were too scared to play on stage). Jacks was also the place that Tresor Berlin chose as the venue for their first ever London party in 2005, whilst Bodyrockers also filmed their video for ‘I Like The Way’ there. A few of the accolades in its contribution to dance music heritage.

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Alex Brooks, General Manager: “Crucifix Lane is special because its completely unique in London. Its like an underground ‘warehouse’ party, but with the creature comforts of home – a permanent bar, plumbed toilets, power, lighting and proper sound.

Its a place to get lost in, and without being judged. Its a place where extended sets are normal, where people feel comfortable enough to get loose, and we harness a safe clubbing environment for all of our staff and customers. Our goal has always been to put smiles on faces and look after our customers, whilst providing some incredibly underground parties.

All good things come to an end. Its time for us to leave the area as the new wave of residential and businesses arrives. The venue was here long before either of those arrived, when London Bridge was a desolate industrial only area. Until recently we’ve been able to co-exist, though with the major works above us on the railway, we’re the next arches needed back.”

The last two parties will take place over Easter weekend with Cartulis Day and Solo Danza closing the club in style… in fact, so in love with the space are they that Solo Danza has decided to switch venues to party at Crucifix Lane one last time in wake of this sad news.

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