Lost Arcade is an electronic music group composed of Felipe Callado, Matt Young & Ryan Papa. In 2021 they released their debut album, titled, “Origin, ” that saw massive support from the biggest names in the world’s electronic scene including Sasha, Nicole Moudaber & Carl Craig to name a few. Now with a new EP out “Synchronicity” we caught up with them to find out how it all came together…

Hey Guys! Thanks for joining us today. How has 2023 been for you so far?
Ryan Papa – Very quiet so far. It is school holidays here in Australia so I have been spending time with my family.

Matt Young – It’s good to be back into work and working on new music for me, so pretty good so far.

Felipe Callado: It’s been great, taking few days off also with family and enjoying summer here in Brazil.

Congrats on your new EP «Synchronicity» on your own Lost Arcade Records. What was your inspiration behind this record?

Matt – Thank you. Joining the boys back in March this year felt synchronistic for me, so the title track painted the landscape. We focused on a contrast between the darkness of world issues and a playful approach to motivation.

Felipe: I think our best ideas came from researching new sounds and experimenting. Our creative process is very effective. At some point, we all feel that we’ve just started something that we loved (it can be a loop, a sound) and from that, we build the track around it.

Can you tell us more about Lost Arcade? How did you meet and what was your idea behind starting this project?

Felipe: Me and Ryan met when Ryan was living in Brazil, 15 years ago. We’ve always had a very similar music taste and even were partners in a record label. And during 2020 we’ve had the time and the opportunity to work together again. We’ve started writing some tracks purely experimenting in 2020, as we both had a lot of time in lockdowns, and we felt that we had something special going on. Matt’s entrance was just a bit after. He is longtime friends with Ryan, and joined us as a vocalist of our biggest track till date. The collaboration worked out so well that we’ve done it again in other tracks and at some point we all knew that he should be officially part of the group.

What are some musical influences that you believe have shaped your sound?

Ryan – I listen to a lot of different music these days but from clubland, definitely Sasha. Love how he has always pushed his sound forward yet still managed to maintain a distinct sound.

Matt – Richard Ashcroft, Damon Albarn and Moderat have all been a big influence on me.

Felipe – A big variety of music and genres but in electronic music I think that Sasha was always a huge influence. His Involver 1 was one of the most special albums I’ve heard and one of my main influences.

Can you mention some instruments and/or plugins that define your sound?

Ryan – We have a Moog Sub37 and Prophet 6 that gets used a lot, particularly on this EP. Also a beautiful Juno106 that a good friend has at our studio. Software wise, we use Omnisphere a bunch and get a lot of inspiration and sounds from Outputs, Arcade.

Where can people expect to see you performing live this year?

Felipe – We are planning a debut tour this year. We’re in conversations with some promoters in South America and as soon as we confirm all the dates, we will announce it.

Now that «Synchronicity» is out, what is next for Lost Arcade?

Ryan- We have a couple of new singles in the works and some remixes that we finished last year that should be out shortly.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Ryan – Thank you for sharing the EP. Appreciate it.

Matt – Thank you. We would also like to thank our listeners for the constant support and we look forward to touring later this year and bringing our evolving sound to the stages.

Lost Arcade EP “Synchronicity” is out now on Lost Arcade Records
Grab it here