As I am sure all readers here now, music is a vital part of a person cyltural and, in turn, intellectual growth. It’s presence from the classroom to the collective demonstrates a universal language of expression; one who’s power transcends that of the frequent differences our world seem to find itself in time and time again.

By the other side of the coin, in an age of rising inequality, non opportunity, and the proliferation of all things capital, music, and the arts/humanities as a whole. continually take a back seat to the “practical” activities of business and STEMS training.

A new petition to the UK Parliament looks to highlight awareness to this issue, as well as plead the case any potential cut to the BBC‘s musical ecosystem would, indeed, have far reaching implications affecting the cultural, economic and social sectors.

The petition, created by James Murtaugh Hopkins, has already gained the 10k signatures necessary for Parliament to officially respond 9which, as of press time, has no yet happened), but it is still well short of the 100K needed for an on the floor debate.

As the petition reads on the subject of BBC’s musical programming, as well as the industry in general:

“In 2013 – the music sector contributed £3.8 billion directly to the economy as well as supporting a wealth of jobs, tourism and bringing additional soft power to the UK as one of its most recognisable global exports. Any efficiencies made as a result of the recently published Government Green Paper and through BBC charter renewal must not impact on these music services.”

In addition to the petition, leading musicians, activists, and even Cultural Secretary John Whittingdale have backed the Twitter hashtag #LetitBeed, providing a unified message of solidarity against the cuts.

The specifics of the cuts take place over a 5 year plan and would involve a 20% cut in order to supplement a £700m-a-year cost of free TV licences. Cut proposed include Radio 1, Radio 2, and Radio 3, which means the belowed Essential Mix may be one of its victims

For more information and to sign the petition, you can find it HERE.

For just an idea of some of the backers, which range from Loco Dice to Seth Troxler, of the petition and #LetitBeeb, check out some highlighted tweets below:

Source: Independent