5 tracks you may hear at Magic Break

The 19th edition of Magic Break is just around the corner and once again is set to offer a lush mix of music, travel and culture in the gorgeous coastal city of Antalya, Turkey.It all goes down from April 20th – 23rd, 2024 and the headliners include Fideles, Cassian, Aaron Hibell, Roger Sanchez, Francis Mercier, Charlie Sparks, Alignment, Alex Wann, Avantgart Tabldot, Jimi Jules and Echonomist b2b Jenia Tarsol with more to come.

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Here are five tunes you can expect to hear.

Fideles – “Cerchio”

Expect to hear the hypnotic rhythms and melodic synths of “Cerchio,” a Fideles masterpiece that seamlessly blends deep house grooves with ethereal atmospheres, captivating the crowd with its immersive sonic journey.

Cassian – “Lafayette”

Cassian will brings vibrant energy to the festival with its infectious basslines and uplifting melodies, creating a euphoric atmosphere on the dancefloor that keeps the crowd moving from start to finish.

Aaron Hibell – “Cosmic Soul”

This one enchants listeners with its soulful vocals and cosmic soundscapes, transporting them to otherworldly realms of electronic bliss, where melodies intertwine and rhythms pulse with celestial energy.

Roger Sanchez – “Another Chance”

A timeless classic, Roger Sanchez’s “Another Chance” fills the air with nostalgia and emotion, as festival-goers sway to its soul-stirring vocals and uplifting house beats, embodying the spirit of unity and redemption.

Francis Mercier  -“Can’t Stop”

Francis Mercier’s “Can’t Stop” injects infectious energy into the festival grounds with its catchy hooks and vibrant rhythms, inviting revelers to lose themselves in the music and dance the night away in pure ecstasy.

1 top 5 acts to see when visiting Magic Break

Magic Break returns to Antalya from April 20th – 23rd.

It is a sun kissed getaway in Turkey right by the sea In all there are three outdoor and three indoor sages each with their own concept and carefully curated line-ups.

The music comes from a fine cross section of names from the worlds of house, techno, bass, disco and electro and there is plenty of fun, sport, food and more to enjoy.

Here are the five best acts to catch this year.


Roger Sanchez

Experience the legendary Roger Sanchez live this summer as he brings his infectious energy and unparalleled mixing skills to the stage, promising an unforgettable dancefloor journey for all.

Charlie Sparks

Techno titan Charlie Sparks blends sounds, sub-genres and scenes genres seamlessly to keep the crowd moving and grooving all night long as he lays down powerful low ends and driving drums.


KNTXT label regular Alignment’s dynamic and innovative performances see him deliver cutting-edge techno beats with precision and intensity, creating an electrifying atmosphere on the dancefloor.

Jimi Jules

The hypnotic sounds of Jimi Jules are perfect for summer as he captivates audiences with his soulful melodies and deep, immersive rhythms, promising a transcendent musical experience under the stars.

Echonomist b2b Jenia Tarso

This is an exclusive and unmissable coming together of two top acts as Echonomist and Jenia Tarso team up for a back-to-back set, blending their unique styles to create a mesmerizing journey through electronic music, guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

5 things to look out for at Magic Break

Magic Break Festival takes place on İncekum’s Blue Flag beach  in the gorgeous coastal city of Antalya, Turkey.

It is known for welcoming music lovers from all over Europe to a sun-kissed spot with three main stages and two special after-hours stages with a wide range of accommodation options.

Set to play this year are a fine mix of international headliners from across the house and techno spectrum.

Here are five things to look out for at this year’s event.


The location

It all goes down right by the stunning seafront and by the golden Blue Flag beaches of the region. It is a great space to soak up the sun, play in the sea and relax when not dancing to the world class music.

The extras

The local area has plenty to explore, rich local customers, cultures, walks, day trips and more and these include arts to explore, water sports, beach activities, games, workshops, and even wild room parties where you can meet with your favorite DJs and fellow ravers.

Line ups

Fideles, Cassian, Aaron Hibell, Roger Sanchez, Francis Mercier, Charlie Sparks, Alignment, Alex Wann, Avantgart Tabldot, Jimi Jules and Echonomist b2b Jenia Tarsol with more to come.


Open buffets with a wide variety of delicious foods, the gifts of the Mediterranean’s generous lands and pleasant climate, and zestful bar options are all presented at the event so you have plenty to fuel you through the fun.


The festival is known for its epic lights, stages designs, world class sound systems, visuals and much more including a series of fascinating art and light installations scattered throughout the festival area.

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