With the beginning of the new year, Mexico’s Playa del Carmen had, for 10 years, been the go to destination for the electronic music community.

Gathering for The BPM Festival, each year opened with some 2 weeks of sun, sand and showcases from the world’s top artists. Amongst them was Marco Carola, who’s Music On appearances remained a staple event of the festival. With last year’s events, unfortunately, putting the festival’s Mexico edition on hold, Marco Carola reminisces on his experiences by sharing a very special The BPM Festival set.

In his own words:

For ten years straight, this would be the time of year when everyone within our culture would prepare to celebrate an incredible festival, one which I cherish deeply.

Unfortunately, this beautiful annual tradition has come to a hold.

As a tribute to the BPM Festival and all my friends, family and fans who came out to support over the past decade, I would like to share a set that is very special to me.

The Music On afterparty @ Martina Beach