Mel Sandico, a.k.a. Mel Cavaricci, a.k.a. D.J. Mel has found himself at an interesting intersection in his musical career.

Once known as “Obama’s DJ,” the Austin, Texas based jock has now found himself at the center of another substantial progressive candidate, that of Democratic U.S Presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders.

Already a member of the Texas Music Hall of Fame, DJ Mel has played such Obama events as 2013 Presidential Inauguration, 2012 Democratic National Convention, Election Night 2012 @ Obama’s HQ, and The White House Easter Egg Roll 2013-2015. Now, in the 2016 election cycle, DJ Mel has found himself DJing the Vermont progressive values champion’s 2016 Iowa Caucus, and is now the “in house” DJ for the Sanders campaign.

DJ Mel’s sound on the trail is a mix of soul, funk and disco that (according to The New York Times) is in equal parts laid-back lounge bar, alternative college radio and dancey early ’90s bar mitzvah. A staple of the Texas club scene, DJ Mel’s “day job” is that of official University of Texas Basketball DJ, as well as holding one off performances at Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan Hotel, Lollapalooza (of which he assist in curating the dance music stage), and SXSW. In fact, it was at 2008’s Lollapalooza where his “political” career began, meeting the music producer behind the Democratic Party, John Liipfert.

Though, DJ Mel admits his sets at political events are a bit watered-down, “I don’t want to play anything crazy, we have press here,” he said at a recent New Hampshire primary event, “I’m not going to play a midnight peak-hour club set at a political event,” his eclectic mix has still been noticed on the trail as something new and different: “Vibing…This place is going to be crazy.” said Sanders supporter Bobby Reilly in New Hampshire.

Though it remains unclear as to DJ Mel’s future with the Sanders campaign, it seems as though it is in good standing, given the DJ himself admits, “I Feel the Bern”.

Source: New York Times