Techno marching band MEUTE have released the next single on in-house label TUMULT. Out now, SLOW LORIS is a MEUTE original and taken from forthcoming album TAUMEL.

SLOW LORIS’ is a truly MEUTE original. Written by trumpet player Hans-Christian Stephan this single starts like a slow whirlpool, whose suction force gets stronger and stronger until you almost disappear. Only the drop can spit you out again and leaves you nocturnal, with enough energy to carry you through an endless summer rave.

This unique band has been making worldwide waves since 2016. The 11 musicians from Hamburg wear their iconic red jackets and love to break the rules and defy boundaries. What started as a small experiment on the streets of St. Pauli quickly became a globally acclaimed phenomenon. The band revolutionises techno and redefines the concept of a brass band using only acoustic instruments. They have crafted viral hits, sold-out clubs, had props from Dixon, Laurent Garnier and BBC Radio 1 amongst many more, and generate real excitement every time they play.

The new single is a great taster of what to expect of the upcoming album TAUMEL, out on November 18th. After finishing their second North America tour, culminating at the legendary Coachella Festival, MEUTE is prepared to unveil a world of electronic indulgence on Europe’s Festival stages.

In four weeks, on 22 June 2022, the next single “Begin Again” (Ben Böhmer Rework) will be released with a video premiere.