Here’s a very special addition to our mixtape catalogue, from the mighty Worthy – one of dirtybird’s original members. The mix has been recorded to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the San Francisco-based label and features some of Worthy’s favourite tracks from the dirtybird archive, so you know it’s a big one.

In case you didn’t know, Worthy is one of the original members of the San Francisco crew and has been with them since the very first BBQ parties in Golden Gate park. He’s not only tight with all the dirtybird fam, but he’s also released on the label and has gone on to launch his own imprint, Anabatic. As well as this mix, Worthy has also told us all about the five tracks that he feels represent dirtybird the best… bonus! So check out his list below and make sure you download or stream his absolute belter of a mix!

Claude VonStroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit
This is just hands down THE classic Dirtybird track that really pushed the label and Claude over the top. Such a perfectly crafted track, I have had sound guys tell me they test their systems out with it since it has the perfect mix of soft, hard, and bassy elements to it.

Martin Brothers – Stoopit
Another classic, this Martin Brothers track really defines their sound with its mix of 808 and hip hop elements and was a defining moment of Dirtybird. This one always brings me back to our parties at Shine in San Francisco. I don’t know how many times this got played there.

Justin Jay – Static
One of my all-time favorite Dirtybird tracks and my favorite by Justin Jay, this one has that grime and grit and funk with the crazy tribal congo drums you hear in a lot of Dirtybird tracks. I played the crap out of this one and still fall back to using it in my sets; it never gets old.

Worthy & Eats Everything – Tric Trac
Tric Trac was a special release for me in making a change in my overall sound. I think this probably is the craziest build up of any track on Dirtybird. When I worked with Eats on this one I knew it was bound for  Dirtybird. I still hear it  get dropped out at the club.

Kill Frenzy – Make That Booty Clap
This track speaks to what everyone making a track for this label is thinking in the back of their head. “I just want to make that booty clap!” Kill Frenzy destroyed it on this one. It’s a Dirtybird anthem.

Claude VonStroke –  The Whistler
It was supposed to be five but here’s one more for luck!… I still remember when I first heard this song at a Stompy party in San Fran on Memorial day. I am pretty sure it was the first time Barclay played it. I was so blown away with the production and was so amazed at how catchy, fun, and funky it was.

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