This week’s hot mix comes from Ashley Wild, the London-based artist who’s been cultivating his own community for the last few years via the always excellent YouAreWe parties and his own distinct brand of deep, clubby house music with an emotive tint. Ashley’s mix is an absolute peach, so make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this article to stream or download it, you’ll be blasting it out for days!

Ashley’s musical background stems from his family, with a firm grounding in folk music would you believe?! The emotional depth of folk certainly comes through in his tunes, and his skills as a musician are clear in everything he turns his hand to – whether it be DJ sets or his studio productions. As one of the founding members of YouAreWe, a Sunday party that popped up way before Sundays were deemed to be ‘cool’, he helped set the standard for end of the weekend raving and has now set up a label connected to the party brand to further explore his love of music.

We scored an insightful interview with Ashley recently and will be publishing it very soon, so keep your eyes on the site for that – it’s a great one indeed. In the meantime, make sure you give his mix a listen – it features a few exclusives from the label as well as Ashley’s own productions and we’re really feeling it.

The latest YouAreWe release is out now, click here to buy it now.