As you currently reside in Mannheim, I will ask the same question about how that city has influenced you as an artist.
For sure!!! I grew up in Mannheim where break beat / happy breaks / dnb started to get popular in Germany. We had a club called “Milk”. From all over Germany people came to party. Now Mannheim it´s own name: “Musikstadt / Music City Mannheim”. The Scene is also stable and developing all the time. I grew up musically with Johnny D, Nekes, Federico Molinari, Nick Curly and near Mannheim we have Frankfurt, home of Freebase Record Shop which influenced us.

As you have made the move to Berlin before, and returned to Mannheim, why did you feel that the “techno capital” was not vital to live in? How would you compare Berlin to Mannheim, from the perspective of its networks and artistic infrastructure.
Ok. First! You cant compare Berlin with Mannheim. Berlin is a World Capital. I think 1 Million Tourists a year. Every day parties, events, Galleries, Theatre, Fashion Shops & Showrooms, All Musical directions you can imagine,… 24h you can do something. Artists get together instantly for new projects or just inspiration. Networking in Berlin is for sure much bigger.

In Mannheim its most of the time a bit slower. You can party of course on the weekend but during the week there isn’t usually much to do. Around 2003 we all were living together in Mannheim and that was the time we all started to create our style and future. Mannheim is friendly and people from here somehow always find to each other in foreign city’s like berlin or cities in different country’s ☺
A good friend, Efrem, once told me: “You can take Ray out of Mannheim but you can’t take Mannheim out of Ray.”

You will be playing in Ibiza at Space for Elrow on September 14th. What was your first memory of Ibiza?
Suuuper looking forward to that gig I have to say because I haven’t been on the island at all this year.

First was 1998 when I went to Ibiza for a week and at some point had a great night at Pacha.
But the first really emotional memory was when I came back 2000 after spending 2weeks there with Johnny D. We were soooo depressed and wanted to somehow keep the feeling going on! SO??!! We started our own Party and the depression stopped instantly.

For such high profile performances, do you ever get nervous prior to the event? How do you prepare yourself, mentally & artistically, for such performances?
I sometimes do get nervous but most of the times I am very stable.
If I need to chill down, prepare myself, mentally., most of the times 1 or 2 fast beers do the trick. ☺

Will you have a chance to chill out for a bit after the summer? If so, what kinds of activities do you enjoy in order to take your mind of touring and other work responsibilities?
I play guitar almost every day that gives me a new hobby which works great to build up my music productions. My FIFA 16 skills on my PS4 are also a great way to disconnect.
But my family is one of the best ways to take my mind off things. We will go to the Canary Island for some days in end of Oct which I am really looking forward to.
Thx for the interview guys… see ya soon!

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