Groove Squared is a project created in 2005 by Paco Terio (aka art Diggler) inspired by the bass that is much present in all his work.

Groove Squared’s career as DJ and musician slightly touched on elements of  funk, nujazz, house, experimental electronic and ambient music, not excluding rock and pop, yet its true nature has always been groove and beat. This central idea brought on the decision to further embrace the dancefloor with the Groove Squared project; designed toward a more organic approach to the studio by adding the use of traditional instrumentation on top of structurally designed virtual instruments.

Now, thanks to his unbridled and passionate life in clubs, Groove Squared is back on his feet with a more dancefloor oriented sound yet still staying true to the soul in the body of the DJ, but also in the music he expresses.

Today, we are proud to present an exclusive mixtape from the mysterious Italian. Chock full of top tracks, including productions and remixes from the likes of Argy, Sven Väth, and Few Nolder, this is 60 minutes of contemporary grooves, just itching to keep the summer (nights) going.

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01. Trulz & Robin – Mosemannen (Original Mix) – Full Pupp
02. Tornado Wallace – Thinking Allowed – ESP Institute
03. Sven Väth – Ritual Of Life (Adam Port 108 Mix) – Cocoon
04. Argy & Mama – Wahomi (rampa remix) – Bpitch Control
05. Frankey & Sandrino – Starchild feat. Jinadu (Hyenah Remix) – Drumpoet Community
06. TCTS – Thinking About You (feat. Leo Kalyan) [Few Nolder Remix] – MTA Records LLP
07. AME – Tatischeff – Innervisions
08. Kasper Bjørke & Abstraxion – Origami (Original Mix) – Biologic Records
09. DMX Krew -Up ‘N Down – Super Rhythm Trax
10. Human Machine – Polymorphism – Engrave Ltd
11. Groove Squared – Ai (Original Mix)- Ogopogo Rec.