B.Riddim is Luis Sequeira, a Portuguese producer, songwriter and musician living in London.

After a childhood studying classical piano B.Riddim discovered sampling and Hip Hop beats during his teen years, eventually forming G-Ward, a Portuguese Hip-Hop collective in 2003 particularly popular in the city of Guarda. Using the name Bellatur, Luis was the producer and one of the MCs in G-Ward. At the same time, he was discovering a passion for Jamaican music and culture, leading him to begin to develop a quite unique sound using electronics within a Dub sensibility. In addition to B.Riddim, Luis is part of the band Escabeau.

Today, we have a very special exclusive mixtape from B.Riddim. You can find the tracklist below, 12 original tracks, recorded live on an APC 40, MPD 32 and NORD Lead, mixed together in a dynamic set. With tracks off his Third Ear EPs, “Magic My Ear” and “Bubble Clocks”, as well as some unreleased originals, the dub indebted bass lines and rich, intricate synth work of B.Riddim is on full display.

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Un(he)art – unreleased
10ml – unreleased
Slow Cheeta – unreleased
Bubble Clocks – released by Third-Ear 2015
Second Strike – unreleased
Magic My Ear – released by Third-Ear 2014
Tell Me Why – unreleased
Delusion – unreleased
Dropping Your Soul – released by Third-Ear 2014
Punchlines – released by Third-Ear 2015
Talking Proud – released by Third-Ear 2015
Painting a Version – unreleased
Output – released by Third-Ear 2015