Nico Stojan rise within the Berlin house scene started with a residency inside the famed walls of Bar 25.

When Bar 25 closed its doors, new ones had already begun to open, and his deep, almost pensive take on Berlin night music had him spending his weekends playing clubs such as Panoramabar, Watergate and of course, Bar 25‘s spawn, Katerholzig.

A classically trained clarinette player, Nico Stojan often surrenders its sound live, weaving it through the lusty mood of his sets – it was only natural that he evolved from DJ to producer and soon the Berlin underground were being treated to his own releases on labels such as and Upon You Records.

Collaborating with other artists has been an important role on his journey – leading to projects and remixes for the likes of Philip Bader, NU, Pele, Acid Pauli and Andri to name a few. With his European successes having taken him all over the continent, Nico‘s fate pushed him onto an international platform. Venturing to New Zealand, he has taken bookings all over the Pacific ocean whilst being the right man for the job in supporting international acts when on tour.

One of the dreamiest realists that you’ll get to know, he understands that magic hides within our reach, you just have to pull it from the dust.

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