Emerging from the early heydays of the UK acid house and rave scene, OCH’s distinctive, dark-escapist atmosphere and contemporary Detroit techno sets never fail to impress.

OCH is a British born Stockholm-based DJ, producer. He has released on Baby Ford’s Trelik, Bass Culture, and his own Autoreply imprint, which has received underground acclaim from those such as Jerome Sydenham, Claro Intelecto, Ed Davenport, Dan Curtin, Mark Broom and Agaric.

Known as an equally in-demand remix artist, OCH has graced labels such as Visionquest, Bass Culture and Hold Youth, alongside boutique imprints like Minimood Extra and Movida. He released his first music on Systematic in 2012, with a remix of Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii’s ‘Taiyo’. It is here where his relationship with Marc Romboy began, leading to the release of his recent debut artist album ‘Time Tourism’ in April.

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1 – Jay Bliss: Vertigo (not on label)
2 – Daze Maxim: Beginning An Ending (Baby Ford remix) (Assemble Music) 3 – Kashawar: On A Salty Mission (not on label)
4 – OCH: Time Tourism (Baby Ford remix) (Systematic Recordings)
5 – OCH: Prince Agoo (Systematic Recordings)
6 – OCH: My Brown Brogues (not on label)
7 – Earl Jeffers: Gloria (Ten Thousand Yen)
8 – LMYE: Cali 76 (Lend Me Your Ears)
9 – Edward: Skating Beats (Giegling)
10 – Kashawar: Rise & Shine (Autoreply Music)
11 – Deadboy: RU4ME (Unknown to the Unknown )
12 – Blutch: Lettre à Elis (Ark & Pit Spector remix) (Barbecue)
13 – OCH: Zee Smokey dub (not on label)
14 – The Model: Who Did That (Adult Central)
15 – OCH: Mychology (not on label)