After going at Treehouse on Friday, making everybody laugh by saying “My name is on the guest list for John Digweed” and the door girl responds, “Tonight is Hernan Catteneo & Nick Warren” I finally go back on the right day, Saturday, and this time my name is on the list…yes, that’s what five days of Miami Music Week does to you.

Whether you like electronic music or not, going to a John Digweed event is the kind of show you want to experience at least once in a lifetime. If you ever meet someone who attended one, he will tell you, Digweed is the best. I had mixed thoughts about it, his music being so specific, I asked myself…can he really reach such a massive audience? He played at Ultra earlier the same day, the DJ booth was suspended in the center of a giant moving spider, the spider was spitting actual flames. It sounds amazing doesn’t it? I find it interesting that, as of now, the only video during his trip to Miami up on his facebook page is the one during his performance at Treehouse Miami. Would the man appreciate a more intimate setting?

Watch DJ legend and Bedrock founder John Digweed – LIVE now from the Ultra Music Festival #Resistance Stage! The final set of the night from Jamie Jones

Posted by Be-At TV on Friday, March 18, 2016

Super trendy UK producer Eagles & Butterflies opened the show for a couple of hours. His set was deliciously on point with deep, melodic house and a touch of funky vibes. If we can say that Eagles & Butterflies music was delicious, then I’m gonna gain 600 kilos after travelling through the world of John Digweed for his 5 hour set.

The Bedrock boss, who has been spinning for over 3 decades, founded his own imprint in 1991 and since then he has been unstoppable. In February, he released the latest of his “Live In” series, this one coming from his show at Stereo Club in Montreal. When I am grooving to his sound at Treehouse Miami, I notice the first room has no DJ booth, though everyone is dancing, which takes a little while to make sense…the guy is that powerful, even if he is out of sight from the crowd, people are dancing!

The main room is totally filled with happy ravers, but not just people who want to get high, drunk or simply looking for a hook up, I can tell right away this crowd is composed of fine Techno and House connoisseurs. John plays some pretty out-there stuff, out-there in the sense that his music transports you very, very far. His gigantic repertoire doesn’t stop at Deep House or Techno, as you can hear some electro, disco and funk influences. A good example is “Touch your Mind” (Arias remix) not the typical Deep house melodic tune. Of course, he plays another track I recognize instantly, “The Bar Tender,” by Seth Schawrz & Be Svendsen on All Day I Dream, and the tune definitely surprises the crowd with its summery and mystical elements. Digweed is not the kind of guy who will put on a show on stage, you will hardly see him raising his arms, the only body language you will get is a very slight movement back and forth with his head following the beat, only at specific times. This works just perfectly, the crowd is focused on the music only, nothing else. At times Digweed does what all of us did, he shares the moment by having a quick chat with his friend or neighbor, it just feels like history is in the making right there before our eyes. Have you heard about events where the vibe is strange and people don’t talk to each other? You can be certain it’s never gonna happen when the Brit is behind the decks. I start talking to a guy standing next to me who wears a John Digweed & Sasha Tour teeshirt from 2008, he happens to be a fan from Argentina, right away I mention to him Hernan Cattaneo, a very well respected artist in his home country, he responds pretty quick by gesturing his hand to his head level saying “Hernan is right here” then he adds “Digweed is high up there” trying to reach the celling with his hand. A minute later, a girl tells me she saw him with Sasha in 1996 right here at Treehouse when the club was named Groove Jet, and she’s come to all his shows since then!

I can easily understand why the man generates so much love and devotion. John Digweed is a magician playing one record after another with perfection. His unmatched skills behind the decks procure special moments where DJ, crowd, and all the people you don’t know, become one entity, it seems like we’ve all known each other for ever, and the shot of vodka I am being given makes me feel like I am 21 year old again, yes it’s that good. The energy, the music and the state of well being raise a rare feeling where time doesn’t exist anymore, it’s only about the music and having the time of your life. As John said in the Documentary – Eye of the Storm, “I like to let the music be the show”, so his music speaks to everyone, he doesn’t need to raise his arms in the air, he just does what every DJ should make a priority by sharing his love for music and let the music speak for him. His “Live in Montreal” 6 CDs released in February, and is part of an 11 hour marathon set with 81 tracks  featured. My first reaction was…”Oh they still make CDs nowadays?” but after witnessing this Digweed performance, then yes, I totally understand, Digweed fans would clearly buy a six CD package, I mean people drove from Atlanta to Miami to see him and I wouldn’t be surprised some drove from much further away.

I take a look at my watch, it’s almost 5am, the British magician has hypnotized me for five hours. What’s next? I might want to find good deals on flights to London as Bedrock is taking over Ministry of Sound, or Amsterdam, where he will be at Melkweg, and the maestro will surely deliver another special set at home. Wait! I live in Miami and want to fly to London in March? Wow! Digweed has to be the best, no doubt.