Nightlife in the UK is changing. In the past 10 years almost 50% of Nightclubs have shut their doors…

This is a subject which has been widely discussed over the past 12 months, with many fearing we are fast-losing a vital part of our heritage and national identity. Nightclubs and music venues are where we dance, fall in love and first incubate the new music and culture of the future and they must be protected.

Most recently, Sankeys lost its very first home, the historic Manchester venue which had stood at the centre of the city’s dance music community for 22 years, since we first opened our doors in 1994.

We can no longer stand idly by and watch as this country loses its beloved dance floors one by one; So, in association with the fantastic Night Time Industries Association, we are launching a new initiative across the UK in an effort to bring quality, cutting-edge music, art and culture back to those places which need it.  

Alan Miller, Chairman of the The Night Time Industries Association says “We are proud to be working with the team for Sankeys across Britain. Just one week after the world found out the shocking news that Sankeys in Manchester was closing after over 20 years –  now 20 cities in UK have the chance for a new club. Upbeat, fun and engaging this is what Saving Nightlife is all about. So #Doyouwannasankeys…? Join the campaign have your voice heard & then also sign our petition at As we have seen recently with Fabric, Together We Are Strong

In a first of its kind, Sankeys is launching the #DoYouWannaSankeys campaign, which will give music lovers the chance to vote and bring a Sankeys club or event series to their area. The more support an area gets the more investment and activity Sankeys will bring to their nightlife scene. This will provide people with a voice on a subject that millions of Brit’s feel very passionate about.

Born in the UK, Sankeys is now one of the world’s leading club brands, with venues in Ibiza, London, Essex, Tokyo and beyond so this will come as welcome news to anyone who loves dance music and longs to once again have the very best art and culture in their community.

The first round of the campaign will center on 20 towns and cities – which you can find at the projects website HERE