After a month of parties and excess, for many of us, New Year is a time for a clean start, for reflection and an excuse to make those all important lifestyle changes that we’ve been promising to make since, well, this time last year. With 2017 well and truly behind us, we took the opportunity to ask Max Chapman, Vibe Killers, Mark Jenkyns and Leftwing & Kody about the resolutions they’ve made for 2018.

Max Chapman

“If you asked this question to my management, I reckon they’d tell you that I need to check my emails more! Personally though, I’d love to be able to say that I’ll completely stop drinking in 2018 – I’ve promised myself that I won’t drink now until the end of 2017, but it’s really hard in this industry when you’re surrounded by it every weekend. I also need to make sure that I wear my ear plugs at every gig; I’ve had a few moments recently where I’ve really noticed the effects of the night before – there’s no excuse, I know. Basically, I need to make sure I’m looking after myself properly.”

Max Chapman plays Groove Cruise Miami on January 28th

Vibe Killers

“I’d love to say that I’ll be giving up junk food, but we all know that’ll go straight out the window on New Year’s Day when the hangover takeaway arrives! What I’d really like to do next year is get my Son Blake beat matching. He’s only 4 but has already sussed out how to switch the Technics on, stick a vinyl on and put the needle on the record, so it could be done! UK’s youngest DJ incoming haha! It’s not going to get me in the gym or running a marathon, but it’ll be much more satisfying without a doubt.”

Vibe Killers’ launch their new label, ‘Star Cycling Club’, on February 2nd with ‘Favelas’

Mark Jenkyns

“I always think that resolutions tend to be just for January, so this is more of a self-promise really; basically, to not take my foot off the gas this time around and to make sure that I build on what has been a great 2017, maybe even write an album over the course of the year. It’s been a whirlwind year for me, both personally and in music, and there’s so much in the pipeline already for 2018 so it’s a case of keeping the momentum going.”

Mark Jenkyns plays Stealth, Nottingham on January 27th

Leftwing & Kody

Kody: “This year, my New Year resolution is going to be to try and develop my skills in the kitchen. Being a food lover (fat), touring around the world and being lucky enough to experience different types of food from different cultures and communities, I’d like to try and emulate some of the dishes I have tasted and move on from just throwing together some pasta, cheese and bacon and calling it ‘gourmet mac n cheese’. I’m moving house right now and the kitchen in the new place has lots of room, so I’m hoping to get lots of cool books and kitchen utensils for Christmas to help with my experimentation. The first thing I will be doing in 2018 is creating my own sauces. I put hot sauce on almost every meal, so I’ll be trying to create my own spicy sauces.”

Leftwing: “My New Year resolution will be to keep up my resolution from last year which I have managed to stick to for the whole of 2017. Since the 1st of January last year, I have been completely teetotal and massively overcome the hurdles of staying sober in our industry, so I plan to keep it going.”

Leftwing & Kody’s ‘Detune EP’ is released on Moon Harbour 26th January