MOGA Caparica returns to Portugal this May 31 – June 4th and is sure to make a stunning impression in its third year.

Located just 20 minutes south of Lisbon, it offers a sun kissed and escapist mix of sunset beach parties with yoga, surfing, brunches and boat parties. Music comes from top talents like Bradley Zero, Chaim b2b Jenia Parsol, Danilo Plessow (MCDE), Shanti Celeste, Gerd Janson, Heidi Lawden & Lovefingers, Hunee, Jimi Jules, Kerri Chandler, Sadar Bahar, Slim Peace & Blossom and more will all be joined by a host of local talents. Get your tickets for this most cultural gathering now at

Ahead of the main event, MOGA hosts a rich OFF program with activities in and around Caparica such as a free opening party at Palms, a boat party on Thursday 1st on the Tagus river and by a party on the Lorosae beach plus plenty of wellness, yoga classes, meditation, art installations, mouthwatering food and much more.

Here we speak to one of the headliners, Oceanvs Orientalis about what to expect, how he approaches his live set and much more.

How has your year been so far?

It’s been an interesting year. I don’t like to blame time or space but this year started a little tough. Or every year is tougher than before nowadays.

Take us through your live setup — what gear do you use? Is it all triggered loops or do you play fully live?

I am one of those artists who change the set up almost in every show, digitally or physically. This time I will be on the stage with my brand new Ableton Live set, my custom made controller in collaboration with Yaeltex, Elektron Digitone and one of my favourite soundcards the Motu M4.

How much prep and planning goes into each set?

Believe me a lot. This is mostly what I did for the past 10 years of my life, tweaking the sets, and searching for new ways to communicate with the crowd.

Why play live over DJing, what are the challenges and advantages do you think?

While playing live is almost like being a tailor, DJing is like being a stylist of music. Depends on the person, “how specific the final product should be to represent your vision”? This is the question I believe set the decision of that two way. Some people feel very satisfied and expressed while playing a 1970s Moroder track, and some want to have a little more touch and control over the music to embrace the musical output. I am in group B. Everything somehow started like this, the beginning of my career, first preparation of my dj sets, I’ve been already inpatient to find right tune after a song, so I started to create the perfect fit next track instead losing myself in the depth of internet. Because that’s how I want to interact with music personally.

When making music to release, do you play it live and edit it down, is there a synergy like that between studio and live work?

Until now I’ve separated music that I will play and music that I will put in albums. And it has always caused me headaches to make them fit to the live set afterwards, because live sets have a duty to make people dance. Releasing music on the other hand, doesn’t give you any promise about making people dance. It’s simply not the purpose of releasing music and its responsibility. But 12 years after making music, I just realised how easy it is to make music from the moments of your live set. It’s still %100 you, it’s just your dancier version. I am trying to release as I play now and suggest to everyone.

You’ve been in the game a long time – how has your sound and style changed over the years?

Well it’s been a journey of experiments, I would say I discovered myself and music hundreds of times in the past decade, but at the end of the day I feel I didn’t really forget who I am and what I am doing. It’s still the same driving forces that motivated me towards music after all those years. Normally I am a person who admires the changes, but I am also surprised how conservative I am in this case. I hope I can change more every time 🙂

And what have been the most important things learnt?

-Time passes quicker while you make music.
-Everyone thinks they know what they like, until they meet with their next favourite thing. And this never ends.
-Risk is the key ingredient of invention.

What should people expect from you at MOGA Caparica this weekend?

I am coming with a brand new live set this time, maybe one of the most high energy sets I’ve ever made. It contains some new tunes from my new album that will be released by Crosstown Rebels at the end of this year. So this set will be the little sneak peak of the album for the first time. Also there are some new edits and mash-ups. I am pretty excited to share with everyone to be honest!

What else have you got coming up this year?

As I mentioned above I have my album coming from Crosstown Rebels, I’ve been working on it for more than a year so that is the major thing for me this year. Beside that I’ve partnered with a friend and launched our creative agency, a new band project, 2 music videos, and a feature documentary directed by me. Also with my record label Kanto Records, our team is working on building music therapy areas in southern Turkiye to help relieve the children and young adults of their PTSD after the February earthquakes.

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