Friends for over 15 years and frequent studio collaborators, Oxia and Nicolas Massyeff have taken their pact to the next level with their own label, Diversions Music.

The label’s ethos is galvanised by the collaborators strong shared vision: to only release music that truly touches your soul and makes you want to dance, to embrace all styles and shades of house and techno and avoid releasing the same sounds time-after-time-after-time-after-time.

Now, Oxia and Nicolas are set to launch Diversions with their own EP “Connivence.” This 3-tracker stirs the soul instantly thanks to its superb use of strings. Restrained but loaded with emotion, whether it’s a warm-up or end-of-night shade of poignancy, it will touch hearts with authenticity.

“Connivence” is available 8 July on Diversions Music

Choice – Acid Eiffel – Fragile

This master piece is one of our all time favorite for both of us, produced by Shazz and Laurent Garnier, a classic from 1993

Guy Gerber & Chaim – My Space – Supplement Fact

We love to play it from time to time in our dj set, the melody in this track is so catchy that it burnst every dance floor on the planet after all this years

Seuil & Jaw – Ultravision – Supplement Fact

For us this track is so classy, full of soul with the incredible Jaw’s voice on top who made the track alive!!

Bodzin & Romboy – Phobos – Systematic

What a track !! we played it so much when it was released !!! the melody of the this one is so special and so emotional !!!

Agoria feat. Carl Craig & La Scalars – Speechless – Infiné

Great collab from our friend Agoria, we remember the first time we heard it from him !!! we were speechless that he did it with the legend Carl Craig himself !! Wow !!!

Guy Gerber & Dixon – No Distance – Rumor

Nothing to say about this untemporal hit !!! we love it !

Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand – Bpitch Control

This not really a track that we played a lot, but we really listen to it many many times, it s really a track full of emotions, as we say in french “ce morceau est magnifique” !!!

Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzzi – Baccara – Highgrade

Something different from the other here, we love this kind of style a groovy and hypnotic track as we like to play in our dj set

Tale of Us, Thugfucker & Life & Death – Morgana – Visionquest

We like the mix between the funky groove of the bass and this typical 909 hi hat, that makes this track with a really good energy !!

Matthew Dear & Seth Troxler – Hurt – Spectral Sound

This track is really funky and original a dirty feeling, we could imagine this track in small underground club with 40°celsius degrees !!

…and now, stream ‘Connivence’ below:

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