It has been already established that Printworks is what the London club scene definitely needed, reminding us why the city needs to open up new clubbing scenarios and raise the clubbing standard to a point where we can not settle for less!!! Printworks is a whole new experience for us clubbers in the UK……

The laser Game, the L-Acoustic in the main hall, the void acoustics in the Charge Bay, the sweaty raving crowd, the smiley and helpful staff, everything seems to come together and work so effortlessly in what used to be a newspaper printing factory. Then of course, not to mention the world class line ups that have been on for the last 2 seasons. We were there in early December for the sold out show: Chemical Brothers, Erol Alkan, HAAI, Dusky……..

It goes to say that 36 more stacks of speakers were installed before this date to give you an idea of what the night gifted was planning to offer us from the beginning in terms of something special. The excitement of dancing to Chemical Brothers (and don’t forget Erol Alkan and HAAI) gave us a contagious goosebumps sensation that was floating into the crowd (already in the queue outside). Once entering, our head nods positively to what your brain was expecting from this place!! The metal/industrial surrounding that Printworks offers, is the absolute dream playground for an occasion like this.

Erol Alkan delighted our ears with the class and style that makes him one of the UK prodigys on the scene. The crowd went crazy, dancing to his selective beats, and the way he held, grabbed, and threw the crowd to dance, dream and travel, showed us again why he’s been held with such esteem for so long. When the Chemical Brothers came to facing the already hot, sweaty, and ready to go nuts crowd…..the energy in the room was already on a peak level. Their sounds were made for the venue and every single track combined perfectly with the impressive laser show, to which they accompanied.

When The Bros played an unreleased Free Yourself Dance, with a female vocal (that encouraged us to do exactly what it says on the label), a tense, somewhat acid and interstellar synth pattern,( a trademark distinctive sound of the bros) and a drop that penetrates your soul, the energy released in the room was something uncontrollable. The cascade of lasers and the simultaneous dark room, the jumping, the hands up in the air, and a unanimous scream of Freedom sent the ultimate message of how much The Chemical Brothers are still always on the top of their game after all these years. This venue and experience is what London needed and we hope it will be this way for long time, inspiring our city to grow under this great example!!!