Les Plagues Electroniques is an annual gathering on the beautiful beaches of Cannes, most famous for hosting the Film Festival. After the terrorist events of last year just down the road in Nice, this year’s gathering had an extra special feeling of togetherness and resilience right from the off. It mixes up both big name stars as well as local artists and of course is a great platform off which to explore the local area.

The main stage is right on the Mediterranean Sea so has breathtaking views that change as day turns to night. With the Marina off to one side and the Palais des Festivals in the backdrop, and as the water laps at your feet and the sun beams down, the sound systems suggest no expenses have been spared as hi-hats are crisp and the bass warm and fulsome.

Clever programming meant each day of the event felt totally different. Hip-hop was the order of the day on Thursday and lots of French acts dropped slick beats that kept the cosmopolitain crowd dancing for hours. On Friday, it was more physical and straight up dance sounds with a much housier feel; abound with jagged synths and cosmic grooves.

Saturday was the standout for us, with deep house the main sound being pushed by a range of acts. Techno also made an appearance on both stages towards the end of the day, and the increased energy was just right for the more tired bodies who had been going hard for three days. Always with the sun beaming down, there was a laid-back air and friendly feel to all the crowds which were truly welcoming.

Highlights of the event came in the form of Lee Burridge and Paul Kalkbrenner — add into all this the local food and drink, mouth watering moules frites and local day trips to places like Antibes, the place where Picasso once lived, and you have a real festival experience that is bolstered by authentic culture.