Paulo Olarte has been making essential dance tracks for a decade now.

He does so on labels like Galaktika, Polytine and Diynamic as well as his own label Gala. His grooves are always warm and filled with narrative and with an atmospheric upcoming EP on Ifradig, Paulo brings us 10 of the tracks that most influenced his musical interest and development. In his own words:

This playlist is something like a small fragment of so many songs and tracks I like and love. I’m influenced by a lot of musical styles, something that is given to me by my Colombian origin. It is clearly impossible for me to choose 10 all time favorites, but I will at least try to choose something like 10 which come and go through time…

Wings – Wildlife

This whole album is one of the first albums I heard non stop at the age of 3 years. Of course it was not mine, it belonged to my fathers record collection, but I remember asking him to play specially this particular song over and over again. It gave me the the sensation of force and weakness at the same time, something so strong, that can break in pieces any second.

Desmond Dekker – Fu Man Chu

I remember when I heard this song for the first time. I went completely insane and I had nobody to ask who it was … At the beginning I didn’t even known, if it was a woman or a man who sang. Years later I finally discovered who this was, and I was also old enough to go to a record shop and search for this piece of vinyl.

Joe Cuba Sextet – Mujer Divina

Maybe one of the songs I have listen and danced the most in my life, in different versions played by street musicians or some son trio in a restaurant or bar, or by a one man band in the bus or buseta. This is a salsa anthem and I guess everyone who has made his own interpretation at the end thought, they sounded exactly like the original. A master piece by the maestro Joe Cuba, a love song like no other and one of my favorite songs of all time, part of the soundtrack of my life!

Gnonnas Pedro – Intelligemment

When I fist heard this song I was so touched by the smoothness of it, and even if it is not written anywhere, it is Gnonnas Pedro’s reinterpretation of The Beatles – And I Love Her. I adore the whole vibe of this song, the horns and the drums, the voice and the vocals, the guitar which is the carpet who holds everything without being the protagonist. Just fantastic …

The Police – Bring On The Night

I love this song, it makes me feel happy in a sad way. I love the voice lines, I love the guitar, the drums, the bass and the arrangements. I can dance to this song, I can get mad to it or I can just lay on the floor and let the music go trough my body and mind and dream away, and so on and on …

Sam Fan Thomas – Makassi

Puts a smile on my face, my whole body starts to move and shake. The guitar is so delicious, the horns arrangements and this makossa, champeta drums blow my mind. From Cameroon to Colombian caribbean coast, from West Africa to the Caribbean and backwards, this bridge is responsible for an incredible musical exchange and the development of many styles and genres.

Grupo Niche – Buen Aventura Y Caney

This is fire, candela! It doesn’t matter that I’m so far away from home, every time I hear this, it transports me directly to my hometown Cali and everything gets warm inside of me. This reminds me who I am and where I come from, specially in the long and cold winter nights.

Holger Czukay – Persian Love

Bassist and cofounder of the legendary band CAN, Holger Czukay has this special flair for subliminal poetry, when it comes to the composition of flavors and colors, sounds and sound sources, the way of searching and putting them together. Pioneer in sampling, in this song he uses samples he recorded of a short wave radio tuned to an Iranian radio station. He definitely knew what he wanted and how to do it.

Jamie Principle – Bad Boy

This guy made a lot of fantastic tracks, such as YOUR LOVE. For me he did the music of a super star, but unfortunately he never became one, but his tracks were timeless then and are still today timeless. BAD BOY is one of my favorite ones of him, it gives me the sensation of wet and sweaty tears falling from the walls and roof in a small and tiny club full of people dancing and going completely mad.

Fingers Inc – A Path

This is also some hot stuff here. Robert Owens vocals are just awsome. This is the kind of track you want to hear for hours and hours. One thing I love about this whole album is, that it is not only something to dance to, it is also something to listen to. A milestone in electronic dance music and a real masterpiece.

“Sueños” is available 30 October on Infradig Records

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