Art of Life is the pairing of Oleg Makovskiy and Paul Twins, a pair based in Odessa and Cheboksary.

Their first significant project is the upcoming LP “Poet’s Dream” and, given that little else is known about them, it does all their talking for them. Across the nine tracks, they explore tender and emotive house music for the late-night hours, suggesting they are sensitive, thoughtful souls with a knack for delicate grooves.

With Poet’s Dream out soon, we introduce you to Art of Life as they provide 10 of their favorute tracks from Kindisch, the home of “Poet’s Dream”.

DAVI – Kayser Soze

Armenian born and Los Angeles based DAVI recorded an amazing 2 track Ep for Kindisch last year. ‘Kayser Soze’ is our favourite. We fell in love with it on the first listening. Certainly it’s the best track from David for us for the last year. It’s deep, melodic and warm mysterious atmosphere will not leave anyone indifferent.

Art Of Life – Deception Of Devil

Very special for us because it’s one of the first tracks recorded for our album ‘Poet’s Dream’. An oriental trippy mood with an unsettling atmosphere keeps things in suspense for the whole track. The track means that the devil can deceive you – be careful.

Modd – Magic Footsteps

One year ago Russian duo Modd released an incredible beauty Ep ‘Magic Footsteps’. It’s such a beautiful journey. The title of the track speaks for itself – the atmosphere of magic is perfect for a morning set. Definitely one of the best from ‘Made Of Day Dreamers’.

Kora (CA) – Ovo

Kora is an artist project blending diverse sounds and stimulating textures, a place where organic elements and modern means collide.
It’s impossible to describe what we experienced when we heard the track from Montreal based Kora.

Minimalistic tribal atmospheres and magic vocals put into a state of hypnosis. Stunning! Nothing more to add.

Audiofly & Sis – Dreams

Released also in 2017 this collaboration made a great impression on us. An endless stream of thoughts with a rising atmosphere, contagious percussion and soft sub-bass. Very solid.

Gab Rhome – Mount Fuji’s Romance Federation

The man who conquered your heart with his soft hands, lush melodies and ravishing bow-ties.
Last year Gabriel was back to Kindisch with another great release ‘Volleyball in Space’ Ep. A magnificent combination of elegance, romance and danceability. Love it.

Yokoo & Retza – Pachamama

Not the first collaboration by Yokoo & Retza. In 2017 YokoO and Retza are back together to bring the ‘Pachamama EP’ to Kindisch. The Frenchman and the Australian bring their touches from opposite sides of the planet to create a beautiful 3 tracker. Gorgeous organic vibes. A powerful rhythm section with magic vocals and great percussion. It definitely captures our bodies and souls with its subtle elegance.

Tantsui – Planet Of The Apes

In 2016 Moscow based electronic live duo Tantsui once again created a beautiful piece of art – a three track original EP “Planet of the Apes”

The title track from the release is a near seven minute engrossing minimalistic tune with amazing break-beat drums and bewitching vocals. Really love it.

Dance Spirit, Mia Lucci – Intention

Back to 2015 when Los-Angeles based duo Dance Spirit and Kindisch label head Mia Lucci combined to bring us fantastic work, full of deep & trippy organic soundscapes.
Driven along by otherworldly sound design and tight drum-machine rhythms, “Intention” is a beautifully atmospheric and tension filled synth work out across a10-minute run.

Vincent Casanova – The Endless Interior

Another debut last year on Kindisch by American producer Vincent Casanova.
While maintaining a warm and melodic feel, often with a strong bassline and dreamy elements, his productions range from house and techno to more breakbeat cuts with fragmented vocals.

You can feel all this in ‘The Endles Interior’

“Poets Dream” is available 9 February on Kindisch

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