Dame Music boss and known Acid enthusiast Bloody Mary is set to release the 34th label instalment, coming in the form of a monstrous two track EP alongside a Marcel Fengler remix.

On the release, Bloody Mary weaves alien electronics, ominous pads and a heavy dose of acid crafted unmistakably analog cuts that tread the line between electro and techno.

Anticipating the release of “No Feeling is Final,” Bloody Mary has put together a special playlist featuring her to favorite Acid Tracks of all time. Check the list out below and let us know what your favorites are?

Woody McBride – The Birdman

The Birdman is one of my favourite tracks by Woody McBride. It’s a timeless acid weapon to play during peak time.

Charles Fenckler – Stellar Acid

I love the hypnotic mood of this track. It’s a recent release which pays tribute to the classic acid sound made in the 90’s.

Bloody Mary & Attan present The Jaydes Vol.1 live cut – 1.3

Here’s my live project with my mate Attan under the moniker The Jaydes. This is one track off our last EP on Dame-Music, which features 4 live cuts we used to play on stage.

HMC – 6am

I’m a big fan of HMC. I’m glad that this release was recently repressed on vinyl.

Regal – Acid Is The Answer

This is a proper banger for the dance floor which I picked up on vinyl last month.

Alien Rain – Alienated 2B

I have all of Alien Rain’s (aka Milton Bradley) releases. This one is my favourite, and I’m looking forward to his forthcoming EP due out in April 2017.

F.U.S.E – F.U

This list would not be complete without an acid track by F.U.S.E.

LA-4A – I Feel It (Alden Tyrell Remix)

A really catchy vocal, groovy drums, made complete with a good acid bass line.

Public Energy – Three O’Three

A classic and a must have if you love acid.

Acid Junkies – Sector 9

One of my favourite acid tracks ever!! I have the original vinyl copy and it’s almost worn out because I’ve played it so much over the years!

“No Feeling is Final” is available 31 March on Dame Music

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