Over the last handful of years, Dale Howard has been gradually afirmling himself as a House music purveyor of the highest calibre.

With almost immediate support from the likes of Matthias Tanzmann, Steve Lawler, Jamie Jones, Richie Hawtin, Maya Jane Coles, Kenny Dope, Dennis Ferrer, DJ Sneak, Hot Since 82, Richy Ahmed and Pete Tong, as well as releases on label heavyweights like Objektivity, VIVa Music, Noir, Suara and Get Physical, it’s clear Dale is a name on the rise.

Now, with a new label, Wreck<, having just been released via his own “Pulsar” EP (featuring mixes from Sante and Miguel Bastida), Dale drops some musical knowledge, with 10 tracks that influenced him as an electronic musician.

1) Nick & Danny Chatelain – Is Killing Me

I think this is such a unique track. I still play it in some sets and It still gets crowds going as crazy as I used to when I used to hear it too.

2) Moby – Go (Trentmøller Remix)

I particularly love the drums in this. It was the first time I’d heard someone disregard textbook drum arrangements and just put fills and crashes in wherever they wanted and Trentmøller made it work and sound amazing. This definitely influenced how I arrange some of my drums. The track was a bomb too!

3) Axwell – Feel The Vibe (Tocadisco Remix)

This track always makes me feel good. I used to play it at afterparties, normally in the afternoon or when it was getting light outside and and it would always get everyone going and on a level… Pretty simple track, but it carries really well in a club. This kind of helped me realise that you (I) make tracks for club use, so if it works in the club and makes people dance and feel good, that’s all that matters.

4) Onionz – Burnin

Not so much the track itself, but this one played a massive part in me being where I am today. It was the very first vinyl I ever played, at my old mates house, while his mum was away on holiday. He’d set his turntables up downstairs and we’d practice on them because no one could moan. I was terrible, but I knew that this was something I’d love to do and I was hooked on djing from that moment.

5) Ethyl & Huxley – Mother Tongue

This was one of the first current (at the time) house tracks that really Inspired me. Such a cool groove on this

6) Dustin Zahn – Stranger To Stability (Len Faki’s Podium Remix)

Remember hearing this at Timewarp’s 15th anniversary in Mannheim and the place went absolutely crazy. If I would have made something with this style of ascending pitch lead, I would’ve thought it was too weird and wouldn’t work, but obviously this works massively. This gave me the mentality not to be afraid to go with something even if I think it may not work. Sometimes those are the tracks that end up working the best.

7) Red Carpet – Alright (Erick Morillo Remix)

This is another track that has given me lots of great memories. I used to hear this at so many afterparties in Liverpool, and at Garlands; which was my first real experience of house music in a club. This is one of a few tracks that you could say defined my ‘clubbing’ days and has definitely influenced me when thinking about melodies in tracks

8) Noir – All about house music (Peter Gelderblohm Remix)

This might sound a bit sheltered, but this was one of the first times I’d heard this style of vocal over the top of a track before, talking about house music. I still love laying down vocals like this on tracks too

9) Steve Mac & Mark Brown – Bells Of Brighton (Popof Remix)

I used to absolutely love Popof! His tracks were mental and were so distinctive. At the time, his music just inspired me in general, to get in the studio and create something.

10) Booka Shade – In White Rooms

It was a close one between this, Mandarin Girl and the Sky Was Pink by Nathan Fake. At the time, these all inspired me and also made me aware and appreciative of emotive music, and that every track didn’t need to be a ‘banger’.

“Pulsar” is now available on Wreck<. BUY – Beatport, Soundcloud

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