Two Brazilian artists Davis & Zopelar recently teamed up to deliver their latest offering on the killer Connaisseur Recordings imprint.

To run alongside, the guys have put together a selection of classic Brazilian beats that have influenced their music today. Check out what they put together below.

1. Jorge Antunes – Cinta Cita (1969)

Considered the first electro-acoustic/electronic album made in Brazil, Mental Experience presents the first vinyl reissue of Jorge Antunes’s Música Eletrônica, originally released in 1975. During the early ’60s, Antunes built his own components for making electronic music: theremin, sawtooth oscillator, a spring-reverb device, a frequency filter. The works on Música Eletrônica were recorded at Antunes’s home studio and at the Electronic Music Laboratory of the Institute Torcuato Di Tella, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Cinta Cita” (1969) was the first piece recorded by Antunes at a professional studio. Pure electronic sounds and pulsating rhythms use filtered noise and synthetic sounds created by additive synthesis.

During the ’70s he worked under the guidance of Pierre Schaeffer and Iannis Xenakis among others. Antunes is presently the Director of the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the University of Brasilia and President of the Brazilian Society for Electroacoustic Music.

2. Hermeto Pascoal – Chorinho Pra Ele (1977)

Hermeto Pascoal, the Brazilian multi-instrumentalist whose contribution to jazz is beyond measure ever since the short-lived Quarteto Novo and his collaboration with Miles Davison Live Evil, surrounds himself with a stellar line-up on this long awaited reissue. With an impressive ensemble including Weather Report’s Chester Thompson and Alphonso Johnson, and with long-time friends Airto Moreira and Flora Purimas producers, Hermeto opts for a collective approach.

There are many delights here; the baroque bossa of “Little Cry For Him” offers abig grin of carnival happiness, with speedy, high-pitched keyboards and flute engaging in mad child-like runs.

3. Milton Nascimento – Travessia

One of our favorite brazilian singers. He is from Minas Gerais (as Pedro) and his music reminds a lot of our childhood feelings. This song was recorded for many great singers like Elis Regina and Bjork. Milton is also one of the responsibles for a important movement in brasilian music in the 70’s called “Clube da esquina”

4. Érica – Nocrywave (2017)

Our beloved Érica is one of the most influence women on this live/DJ scene in são paulo. She is acting in many pillars of art like music, video, dance and one of the most important works she does is probably the synth workshops especially for women and trans. She is a one of the great responsible for women visibility one the electronic music in brasil and she is always pushing a lot of women’s and new people on the scene and also representing with amazing live sets and DJ as well. we worked together a lot with name “The Drone Lovers” and also in her first cassette album “To Belive” (2013)

5. MC Carol – Meu namorado é maior otário

For Pedro, MC Carol is one of his favorite artist, from a very peculiar genre in brazil: Funk carioca. There’s a few kinds of different funk approaches. this track is more like a modern one produced in brazil and been really appreciated by pop producers in the world. Many people from techno scene dislike funk, but I really love it, specially the cheapest productions from favelas home studios. It’s the typical sounds from the famous “baile funks” that happens in the most of favelas in brazil, specially rio de janeiro. It represents a lot of people from our country and I really appreciate it.

6. Airto Moreira – Peasant Dance (1974)

The Middle Eastern flavor of some of the melodies, Moreira and wife Flora Purim’s unique vocalizaríons, and the use of unusual instrumentation on several cuts help make this recording a unique highlight of the electric fusion era. Airto is a percussion master and played alongside many important jazz artists such as miles davis and Hermeto Pascoal. This album was produced by the amazing Billy Cobham.

7. Maria Rita – Cantigo Brasileiro no.3 (Kamaiurá)

Maria Rita Stumpf has been on top of collectors’ and music lovers’ wishlist for the past couple of years, since “Cântico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiurá)” broke out and cast a spell worldwide – from Japan to Brazil, from Norway to South Africa, everybody was flabbergasted after they first heard the song, and each and every time they heard it again.

Maria Rita Stumpf is owner of Brazilian production company Antares Produções, responsible for bringing international artists to Brazil for the past 30 years, such as Philip Glass and Mikhail Baryshnikov. After distancing herself from the music business since the Brasileira original release, almost 30 years ago, she’s now back in the game.

Brazilian duo Selvagem partners up with Optimo Music have made an reissue of this amazing and rare records recently as their first release as label!

8. Jards Macale – Farinha Do Desprezo

A weird bossa nova style for the carioca ones. Jards Macale is one of my favorite composers and made songs for many Brazilian Singers

9. Teto Preto – Gasolina (2016)

It’s about the contemporary political scene in Brazil…

10. Jocy de Oliveira – Solaris (1988)

Since 1961, through a pioneer work in Brazil and in the USA, Jocy de Oliveira has utilized acoustic and electronic instruments, music – theater, installations, texts, graphics, video, audience, dance in an approach to an organic development of performance / composition works. She has composed and directed her 8 major operas and music – theater pieces which have been acclaimed through several productions in Brazil, USA and Germany.

Master of Arts with major in music by Washington University, USA, she received a number of grants and awards such as Guggenheim Foundation, Rockfeller Foundation, Bogliasco Foundation, CAPS (New York Council on the Arts), Vitae and RioArte Foundations besides being elected life member of the “Academia Brasileira de Musica”.

Davis & Zoplar’s ‘Limba’ EP is out now on Connaisseur Recordings BUY

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