As they prepare to celebrate 5 years next month, Sense Traxx is a no nonsense brand ready to push the boundaries of Dance Music.

Evolving from a simple house party into full-blown events alongside an established label in Sense Traxx, last month saw the expansion of the brand with its new sister label – Deeper Traxx, aiming to fill the gaps with sounds that don’t quite fit the Sense Traxx imprint but still carry the quality-driven ethos woven into the brand. Having launched with an EP from Slovenia’s Alex Ranerro, along with a Sebb Junior remix, it is an undeniable statement of intent from the fledgling label

As Deeper Traxx describes:

“There’s been a huge buzz building around Sense Traxx over the last 12 months, with the label and parties growing and gathering momentum, as well as support from some highly respected figures within our scene. We were receiving demos which we loved, but didn’t quite fit with the main Sense Traxx imprint which is a lot more club-ready and aimed at those peak time slots. Deeper Traxx allows us to release music suitable for a different crowd and a different kind of DJ. It’s a real pleasure to have Alex and Sebb on board for our first release and we really hope that our followers will enjoy it as much as we do.”

Here, with Deeper Traxx in full form on the shelves and databases, the team behind the label have put together an exclusive Soundcloud playlist of the influences of their ethos.

“Hard Case” is NOW AVAILABLE on Deeper Traxx

Soundcloud – Sense Traxx Label Page – Sense Traxx